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Antonio Martin was born in 1972. Among the things Antonio Martin loves are his family, airplanes, boxing, collecting autographs, music, movies, acting,writing, friends and his girlfriend, Amna Zamir?, a beautiful and incredible native of Pakistan.

At age 9, he was diagnosed with Diabetes. However, this hasn't deterred the positive spirited Antonio to live a full life with as much fun as possible.

At age 12, Antonio entered a boxing ring for the first time in his life, but after receiving a few good punches, he thought it over and gave it up, and started to pursue an acting career. He did not abandon the gym before having a tremendous fight with a guy named Rafael, in Cayey, however...the fight in 1986 between Antonio and Rafael inside that ring was so good, a lot of people who saw it said they reminded them of Rocky and Drago in Rocky IV. They were Antonio's nine longest minutes of his life, and in round three, they even wrestled each other to the floor, where they kept on hitting each other until separated, and then promptly went back to swinging at each other with everything they had but while on their feet. The fight was declared a draw by everyone who saw it, but Antonio is very proud to have been a participant of it even if it was only a 'draw'. After moving to Caguas, Antonio went back to the gym in Cayey to say goodbye to everyone, and there it was :a painting on the wall depicting Antonio and Rafael swinging at each other..:)

Antonio has been in many plays, and in 1998 earned a model's degree from John Casablancas?', hoping this would help his career move forward. It didn't, but in 2001 he was able to find a small job in one major film.

For a short time in 1988 and 1989, long haired Antonio was also a member of a teen band that had 7 boys and one girl. Antonio was the lead singer, and the band tasted a small measure of popularity among girls around their small town. But they couldnt go forward and shortly they broke up , remaining just as friends.

On December 12 of 2002, Antonio was playing American Football when he tried to stop a player from scoring a touchdown, got run over, hit the ground with the back of his head and suffered a concussion. But he kept playing and was ok.

On January 0f 2003, Antonio was involved in an unfortunate incident when a guy named Bobby Lane, arguing for Antonio to pay him 2 dollars, told Antonio he didnt (f word) care if Antonio was a diabetic and he dint (f word) care if Antonio's ugar went low, then smacked Antonio across the face and provocked a brawl inside a car, after Antonio tried to make sense with him by telling him that he needed those two dollars to buy candy in the case his sugar did go low. While Antonio's fists went bloody after hitting Bobby in the head, Antonio deeply regretted this incident, as he hates street violence.

April 3 of 2003 Antonio visited the doctor, who, despite finding Antonio in otherwise great physical condition, told him that the football fall suffered on December 12 caused him small, non life threatening brain damage.

April 21 of 2003, user AntonioMartin and his family suffered an Anthrax scare at home, when a lady threw a white powder just outside their home door. Four cop cars came after a call was made by AntonioMartin to the 911 emergency system. It was determined the powder is probably just baby talc. The lady was also reported by other neighbors to havebeen bothering around the rest of the day.

Antonio is not an expert computer user, and he writes from the heart. He would like to ask anyone who knows how to include photos or website links on the articles to please contact him at wildantonio68@hotmail.com. Thanks!

Among Antonio's articles are:

Antonio is a good basketball player too and in 1986 he was a member of the Pupilos De Chavelo.

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