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A Puerto Rican is anyone who was born on the island of Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans are mostly descendants of Spaniards who colonized the island, and of Africans who were brought as slaves. In the 1760s, when France took over the island of Corsica, many Corsicans settled in the southwestern section of Puerto Rico. Also, during the 1800s a large wave of Spanish immigrants, particularly from the Canary Islands, settled on the island and founded many of its towns. As Spain lost control of its former South American colonies, many Spanish loyalists emigrated to the island as well. Since the Taínos died out early in the Spanish colonization, very little trace of them remains among the current population.

Puerto Rico became an American territory in 1898. The United States made the people of the island American citizens starting on March 2, 1917, with a law known as the Jones Act[?].

Regardless of skin color or ethnic origin, Puerto Ricans are extremely proud of their heritage, culture and language, separately from their status as American citizens.

A Puerto Rican is also any person whose parents were born in Puerto Rico, even if the person was born somewhere else.

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