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A video game is a game played using an electronic device.

Often "video game" is taken in a narrow sense to mean those games played on consoles for television and similar handhelds, with computer games and coin-operated arcade games treated separately. This is because the early games of these three categories were usually very different. However, now there is considerable similarity between them, and the same game may appear on devices in different categories. See history of the video game for more information.

Video games are made by developers, sometimes individuals, but almost always a team consisting of directors, graphic designers, programmers, musicians and other technicians. Many teams easily number into the hundreds on larger projects, such as MMORPG's (for example, EverQuest or Asheron's Call) or complex RPG's (SEGA's Shenmue, Baldur's Gate, NeverWinter Nights[?]). But most are still made up of about a dozen closely working developers. Id Software is a good example of a smaller, more tightly focused developer.

Below is an alphabetized listing of the main genres of video games and some examples of games for each genre. This list is by no means complete or comprehensive. Many of these categories are somewhat overlapping. GTA, for example, is an adventure, a shooter and 2D or 3D depending on version.

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Most popular board games, card games, and the like have been computerized to some degree or another. For example, more than 600 freeware board games are available written in Zillions.

Computer game programs can be worthy opponents and can help you improve your skill at board games.

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