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Tekken is a series of fighter games developed and produced by Namco[?]. Mainly concerned with karate, kung fu and its variations, it also involves elements of boxing, wrestling and Capoeira. The series is one of the earliest 3-dimensional beat 'em up franchises, with the first game released less than two years after Virtua Fighter, and there are now five Tekken games.

As with all fighter games, players each choose a character from different, exotic worldwide settings and fight hand-to-hand with each other. It is primarily a competitive two-player series, but a human player can fight an artificial intelligence-controlled character for practise or amusement.

It shares some gameplay mechanics and characters with Namco's other 3D fighter series, Soul Calibur.


  • Kazuya, a Japanese fighter who wears white
  • Nina, a blond Irish girl
  • Anna, Nina's brunette sister
  • Michelle, a dark haired, Native american
  • Julia, Michelle's daughter
  • Yoshimitsu, an ancient armored warrior
  • Law, a Chinese fighter based on Bruce Lee
  • Jack, a giant soldier fighter with big arms
(help is needed in completing the list of characters)

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