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Zero Wing

Zero Wing is a 1980s Japanese video game from Toaplan whose opening cut scene was translated into Engrish. It gave rise to the viral memes "All your base are belong to us", "move 'zig'", "for great justice" and "somebody set up us the bomb". It seems to be notable only for giving rise to these memes, as the game is merely a standard sideways scrolling shooter.

You have three different ways to attack:

  • Your missiles (press A).
  • Ramming smaller enemies with the little option ships above and below the Zig.
  • Grabbing a smaller enemy and throwing it at another enemy (press B). If you've played Kirby's Adventure[?], Kirby's Dream Land[?], or any of the other Kirby games, this will be automatic.

The game becomes quite a bit more manageable after you master "grab and throw."

In the intro scenes, the Zig's windows are green. In the game, the windows change color depending on what weapon you have. The green weapon (homing missiles) is the most versatile, clearing away hordes of enemies quickly and making boss battles merely a matter of dodging their bullets without worrying about aiming.

The dialogue from the opening cut scene can be seen in full at All your base are belong to us.

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