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Morrowind is a first-person RPG initially released for PC and is now availible for Xbox.

While quality RPGs have traditionally been found on console videogame systems, such as the Playstation and Super Nintendo, recently the PC platform has made huge strides to catchup.

Morrowind differs from many other PC-based RPGs by focusing exclusively on the single player experience. The game environment of Morrowind is exceptionally huge and richly detailed, as any player too poor to afford a ride on a Silt Strider can attest. Gameplay is open ended, allowing the player to roam, steal, quest and explore. The storyline progresses exclusively through the decisions of your character, it is completely non-linear and can be discontinued at will.

Bethesda Softworks, the developers of Morrowind, offer gamers the ability to recreate the world with a variety of Mod Making[?] tools. Tribunal[?], the latest expansion for Morrowind, introduces a bartering system, hiring mercenaries as well as the standard allotment of new weapons, monsters and quests.


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