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List of birds

This page lists orders and families of birds, class Aves. The links below should then lead to family accounts and hence to individual species.

Taxonomy is very fluid in the age of DNA analysis, so comments are made where appropriate, and all numbers are approximate. In particular see Sibley-Ahlquist taxonomy for a very different classification.


The giant flightless Struthioniformes lack a keeled sternum and are collectively known as ratites. Together with the Tinamiformes, they form the Paleognathae (or 'old jaws'), one of the two evolutionary "super orders".

Struthioniformes (mainly Southern hemisphere; 12 species, 2 extinct.)

Tinamiformes (South America; 45 species.)


Nearly all living birds belong to the super order of Neognathaes— or 'new jaws'. The passerines alone account for well over 5000 species.

Sphenisciformes (Antarctic and southern waters; 16 species.)

Gaviiformes (North America, Eurasia; 4 species.)

Podicepiformes (Worldwide; 20 species.)

Procellariiformes (Pan-oceanic; 93 species.)

Pelecaniformes (Worldwide; 57 species.)

Ciconiiformes (All continents; 115 species. American taxonomists often include all the raptors and seabirds in this family.)

Anseriformes (Worldwide; 150 species.)

Accipitriformes Birds of prey (Worldwide; about 226 species. Some classifications also include the Falconidae.)

Falconiformes (Worldwide; 60 species. Sometimes included in the Accipitriformes.)

Galliformes (Worldwide except northern Eurasia; 256 species.)

Gruiformes (Worldwide; 196 species.)

Charadriiformes (Worldwide; 305 species.)

Pterocliformes (Africa, Europe, Asia; 16 species.)

Columbiformes (Worldwide; 300 species.)

Psittaciformes (Worldwide in tropics, southern temperate zones; 330 species.)

Cuculiformes (Worldwide; 151 species.)

Strigiformes (Worldwide; 134 species.)

Caprimulgiformes (Worldwide; 96 species.)

Apodiformes (Worldwide; 403 species.)

Coliformes (Sub-Saharan Africa; 6 species.)

Trogoniformes (Sub-Saharan Africa, Americas, Asia; 35 species.)

Coraciiformes (Worldwide; 192 species.)

Piciformes (Worldwide except Australasia; 376 species.)

Passeriformes perching birds (Worldwide; about 5200 species.)

Suborder Tyranni ("suboscines[?]")

Suborder Passeri ("oscines")

See also Australasian birds, European birds

See also, local bird lists

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