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Scientific classification

The Screamers are a small family of birds Anhimidae . They are related to the ducks geese and swans, which are in the family Anatidae, but have bills looking more like those of game birds.

The three species occur only in South America. They have downy head feathers, two sharp spurs on their wings, and feet which are only partially webbed. They live in marshes with some grass and feed on water plants.

They lay up to six white eggs. The young, like those of most Anseriformes, can run as soon as they are hatched.

  • Order Anseriformes
    • Family Anatidae (ducks, geese, and swans)
    • Family Anhimidae
      • Horned Screamer, Anhima cornuta, tropical South America
      • Crested Screamer, Chauna torquata, warm temperate South America
      • Black-necked Screamer, Chauna chavaria, northern South America

The Anseriformes and rails are ancestral to neognathous birds, and should follow ratites and tinamous in bird classification systems. See the chart below

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