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List of Isms

This is a list of words that have the -ism suffix. See the ism article for information on what the suffix can indicate, and the etymology of the word ism.

A: abolitionism, absenteeism[?], moral absolutism, political absolutism[?], abstract expressionism, activism, adoptionism, adultism[?], ageism, agnosticism, agrarianism, alarmism[?], Albigensianism, albinism, alcoholism, altruism, Americanism, anarchism, Anarcho-capitalism, anarcho-syndicalism, aneurysm or aneurism[?]. Anglicanism, animalism, animal magnetism, animism, anthropocentrism, anthropomorphism, anti-Semitism, antidisestablishmentarianism, Apollinarism, Arianism, Aristotleanism, atheism, autism

B: Ba'athism, Bahaism, baptism, behaviorism, Benthamism, Big Brotherism, bilateralism[?], bilingualism, bimetallism[?], Blairism, Bolshevism, Bonapartism[?], botulism, Buddhism, Bullism[?], Bushism

C: Calvinism, capitalism, careerism[?], Carlism[?], Cartesianism[?], Catharism Catholicism, centrism[?], charlatanism[?], Chartism, chauvinism, checkbook journalism[?], classicism, cognitivism, collectivism, colonialism, communism, Comtism, Conservative Judaism, contrarianism[?], constructivism, consumerism, creationism, criticism, cronyism[?], cubism, cynicism

D: Dadaism,Darwinism, deism, despotism, determinism, Docetism, Donatism, do-goodism[?], do-nothingism[?], druidism, dualism, dwarfism

E: Edwardianism[?], egocentrism[?], egoism, electromagnetism, elitism, empiricism, epicureanism, Episcopalianism[?], essentialism, Euro-Communism[?], evolutionism, existentialism, expressionism, extremism[?], extropism

F: Falangism[?], fascism, Fauvism, feminism, Fordism[?], formalism[?], Francoism[?], functionalism, fundamentalism

G: Gallicism[?], Goreism, Gnosticism, gradualism

H: Hacktivism, henotheism, heroism[?], heterosexualism, hedonism, Hinduism, historicism, Hitlerism[?], homosexualism, humanism, Hussitism[?], hypnotism

I: idealism, imperialism, impressionism, individualism, instructivism[?], interventionism[?]

J: Jacobitism, Jansenism, jingoism, journalism, Judaism

K: kathenotheism, Keynesianism

L: Lamarkianism[?], Lancastrianism[?], Leninism, lesbianism, liberalism, libertarianism, Lollardism, Lutheranism

M: magnetism, Maoism, Marxism, Marxism-Leninism, materialism, McCarthyism, mechanism[?], Medism[?], Menshevism[?], mesmerism, militarism, minimalism, Mithraism, modalism, Mohammedanism[?], Monarchianism, monarchism, monetarism, monism, monolatrism, Monophysitism, monotheism, mysticism

N: nationalism, naturalism, Nazism, negativism[?], neo-classicism[?], neo-Darwinism, nepotism[?], Nestorianism, nihilism, non-interventionism[?], nudism

O: objectivism, Orangism[?]

P: pacifism, paganism, panentheism, pantheism, pan-Germanism, pan-Slavism, papism[?], Patripassianism, Pelagianism, Peronism, pessimism[?], phenomenalism[?], philhellenism[?], platonism, polytheism, populism, positivism, postmodernism, pragmatism, Presbyterianism, primitivism, prism, Protestantism, proto-capitalism[?], Psilanthropism, Puseyism[?]

Q: Quakerism, Quietism[?]

R: racism, Rastafarianism, rationalism, realism, republicanism, rheumatism[?], Roman Catholicism, romanticism

S: Sabellianism, Satanism, Scotticism[?], secularism, sensualism[?], sexism, Shiism[?], Shintoism, Sikhism, sizism[?], skepticism, socialism, Socianism, Spenglerism[?], Stalinism, stoicism, Sufism, surrealism, syndicalism, syncretism

T: Taoism, Taylorism[?], terrorism, Thatcherism, theism, Titoism[?], Toryism[?], totalitarianism, transhumanism, Trinitarianism, Trotskyism

U: Ultramontanism, Unificationism, Unitarianism, universalism, utilitarianism, utopianism

V: vampirism, Victorianism[?], voyeurism

W: witticism[?]

Y: Yorkism[?]

Z: Zionism, Zoroastrianism, Zwingliism[?]

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