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Nudism, or naturism, is the practice of going nude or unclothed in social and usually mixed gender groups. It sometimes occurs furtively in secluded places in countries where appearing naked in public is illegal, but enjoys widespread acceptance in other areas of the world. Those who practice nudism are called nudists or naturists and they refer to those that don't as textiles.

Naturism should not be confused with naturalism, the study of nature.

Nudists believe that the human body is nothing to be ashamed of, being something that we all possess and ought to cherish.

Note that some draw a distinction between the terms nudism and naturism. In this view a nudist is one who sometimes chooses to go without clothes. A naturist is one who embraces a philosophy that includes more than occasional nudity. A visit to a nude beach may entitle someone to be called a nudist, but does not make one a naturist. Others would argue that the term naturism itself implies snobbery, and there is no distinction. Changing and showering in a locker room probably does not qualify for either. Doing housework in the nude might. Many nudists do so casually at home. It might be noted that there is no requirement to be nude all the time. A common thought of nudists is being "always naked under my clothes."

Most nudists and nudist organizations maintain and try to enforce a no sex in public policy, (nude, not lewd) and it is rare to see obvious signs of sexual behaviour at most sites. These are the stereotypical family oriented clubs and beaches. Some fringe groups are more like sex clubs and not considered by most to be examples of true nudism.

Some nudist organisations do not allow people with body piercings on their premises (presumably this rule refers to the foreign objects in the piercings, not to the piercings themselves).

Germany (here called FKK or Frei Körper Kultur), France and the Netherlands are the top nudist movement countries in the world. Nudism is hardly known in countries outside of Europe.

Major nudist organizations

World Wide: International Naturist Federation/Federation Naturiste Internationale[?] (INF/FNI) with member regional organizations in 30 countries.

Canada: the Federation of Canadian Naturists[?] (FCN) and La Fédération Québécoise de Naturisme[?] (FQN) are the two national nudist organizations.

Netherlands: Naturisten Federatie Nederland[?] (NFN) [1] (http://www.nfn.nl/)

United States: the American Association of Nude Recreation[?] (AANR) and The Naturist Society[?] (TNS) are the two major nudist organizations.

Public outdoor nudist areas:


  • Vienna, Donauinsel [2] (http://www.nudismus.cz/reportage) [3] (http://www.falter.at/print/F2002_27_3.php) (artificial island in the Danube quite close to the city centre)


  • Bredene, tram stop Bredene Renbaan (Hippodroom): sandy beach.




  • Munich, part of the Englischer Garten, near the city centre.


United Kingdom:

United States:

Nudist area with entrance fee:


  • Cap d'Agde, Quartier Naturiste (Nudist Quarter): sandy beach, several swimming pools, but also nude shopping, etc.

Naked Sports

  • Skating (http://www.naturallyca.com/skatephoto)
  • Volleyball (http://www.nakedvolleyball.com/)

See also Amersfoort, Gennep.

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