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Peronism is an Argentine political ideology based on the ideas of former president Juan Perón.

Peron was a pragmatic figure, and through the course of his long career his views would frequently change. His ideology was neverless marked by some constants, including:

  • Strong central leadership
  • Freedom from foreign influnces
  • A third way[?] approach to economics; neiter communist nor capitalist, but instead incorporating some elements of both

Perón's ideas were widely embraced by a variety of different groups in Argentina, ranging from neo-fascist military cliques to socialists and Marxists. Peron's personal baggage would eventually become a burden on the ideology, and prior to his overthrow many Argentines began to call for "Peronism without Peron."

Today, there are several Argentine political parties idenfying themselves as Peronist, including the party of the nation's current president, Néstor Kirchner.

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