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Henotheism (Inclusive Monotheism, Monolatrism, or Monolatry) is the worship of only one god, while acknowledging that other gods exist. Henotheists do not necessarily view other gods as legitimate objects of worship, even while acknowledging they exist. This idea or practice is defined in contrast to monotheism and polytheism. Henotheistic Gods are generally viewed as Gods of particular nations or cultures, while monotheistic and polytheistic Gods are generally viewed as being universal.

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Contrasting Henotheism and Monolatrism

Sometimes, monolatrism and henotheism are distinguished as follows: in monolatry, only one god is viewed as worthy of worship, the remainder viewed as inferior; in henotheism, the other gods are viewed as important and worthy of worship by others, however the henotheists worship only one god.

Contrasting Henotheism and Polytheism

Henotheism is not simply a belief in a supreme god amongst many, or the predominant worship of one god with secondary worship of others, since these are forms of polytheism.

Henotheistic Religions

  • Hinduism
  • many would argue, the religion of the ancient Hebrews, at least in the earlier parts of its history

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