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Me Hi, my name is Sascha Noyes and I'm relatively new here! (although I've been following and using wikipedia for quite a while already).

'I' am here on behalf of the memes of which I am the locus.

My webpage (http://individual.utoronto.ca/noyes/)

I'm too scared to take the Are You a Wikipediholic Test.

Funny quotes:
  • "... the dangers of free inquiry should be taken seriously" - Holocaust historian Deborah Lipstadt.
Appeared on Anti-Defamation League, before being removed by a certain person saying it was "taken out of context". (can still be seen at Noam Chomsky --Martin)
  • "It's just our friend who is not an annoying user being a brat. -- Infrogmation"
Appeared on Wikipedia:Votes for deletion - about 128.193.88.x
  • "If you cannot control your necrophillia and anti-Zionism, then get help. RK"
Appeared on User talk:RachelCorrie
Appeared on wikipedia-l mailing list in reference to dealing with vandals.



Bellum omnia omnes -- Counterfeit -- Dactylography -- Felicific calculus -- functionalism (philosophy of mind) -- George Grosz -- Glyn Moody -- Halva -- homeland (South Africa) -- John Shirley -- Major consensus narrative -- Umkhonto we Sizwe --

Significant contributions:

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    (translation of german entry)
Philosophy: Politics: Misc:


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To do:

PAGAD -- Patrick Suskind[?] -- John Stuart Mill -- Propietary software[?] -- Artificial intelligence -- Chinese Room --


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