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If you're not sure whether you are wikipediholic, you should do this test. The point value of answering 'yes' to each question is listed in brackets at the end of the question. The higher the result, the more likely it is that you are a wikipediholic. New questions and modifications are of course welcomed -- good questions are those that measure current addiction (e.g., "have you edited a page in the last week", not "have you ever edited a page"), on the hypothesis that Wikipediholicism can be cured, or at least controlled to some degree.

  1. Do you typically use Wikipedia at least once a week ? (1)
  2. Do you typically use Wikipedia at least once a day ? (2)
  3. Do you typically use Wikipedia for more than an hour a day ? (4) (score 7 including the questions above)
  4. Do you edit articles ? (1)
  5. Do you start new articles ? (1)
  6. Do you comment on articles or engage in discussions ? (2)
  7. Do you request that articles be created, improved, expanded, deleted, etc.? (1)
  8. Do you fulfill such requests ? (2)
  9. Have you requested a new software feature, or reported a bug, in the last few weeks ? (2)
  10. Do you make redirection pages ? (1)
  11. Do you think you're using significant portion of Wikipedia bandwidth (5) ?
  12. When you click 'random page' do you, more often than not, find an article you have written? (7)
  13. Do you check Recent Changes almost every day ? (2)
  14. Do you check Recent Changes more than ten times a day ? (5)
  15. Do you have Recent Changes bookmarked ? (1)
  16. Do you have Recent Changes set as your start page ? (12)
  17. Do you check your Watchlist almost every day ? (1)
  18. Do you check your Watchlist more than ten times a day ? (4)
  19. Do you have your Watchlist bookmarked (favourite) ? (1)
  20. Do you have your Watchlist set as your start page (home) ? (8)
  21. Do you have several start pages (examples galeon, mozilla) with Recent Changes in at least three idioms ? (3 points more)
  22. Do you have a user acount on Wikipedia ? (2)
  23. Do you have a user acount on Wikipedia on several wikipedias? (4)
  24. Have you learnt a new language or improved an existing one for the primary purpose of being able to read the Wikipedia in that language? (6)
  25. Do you have your own Wikipedian page on Wikipedia ? (2)
  26. Have you ever advertised Wikipedia to your friends ? (2)
  27. Have you ever advertised Wikipedia on Usenet ? (2)
  28. Have you ever advertised Wikipedia on IRC ? (2)
  29. Have you ever advertised Wikipedia on a forum or message board[?] ? (2)
  30. If you have a home page, do you have a link to Wikipedia on it ? (1)
  31. Do you have a link to Wikipedia in your mail or Usenet signature ? (2)
  32. Do you find yourself writing regular text using Wikipedia link and layout conventions ? (3)
  33. Is something you have thought was important, such as social life, career or studies, suffering because you spend so much time on Wikipedia ? (10)
  34. Are you not getting enough sleep because of time on Wikipedia ? (9)
  35. Do you judge people you know in "real life" partly on the basis of their Wikipedia contributions ? (6)
  36. Do you think quality of contributions to Wikipedia is an important criterion in choosing a partner for a close relationship ? (17)
  37. Are you impressed by Wikipedia's growth ? (2)
  38. Do you subscribe to Wikipedia-L? (2)
  39. Do you actually read Wikipedia-L? (2)
  40. Do you think it will be better than every other Encyclopedia soon ? (3)
  41. Do you argue that contributions to Wikipedia are "productive" or "useful", unlike "wasting time" playing games or watching football ? (5)
  42. Have you ever dreamed about wikipedia? (3)
  43. Do you wake up in the night in a cold sweat wondering whether your latest submission was truly written from the NPOV? (6)
  44. If you use a modem, is your phone bill larger than before you discovered Wikipedia? (2)
  45. Did you immediately think of ways to improve this test, or adjust the scores so that they neatly add up to 100 ? (3)
  46. Have you edited this test to get a better score? (5)
  47. Do you think your score is too high and maybe you'll do something about it after "a few more edits"? (6)
  48. Have you ever looked for the Edit this page (/w/wiki.phtml?action=edit&title=Wikipedia:Are_You_a_Wikipediholic_Test) link on an ordinary Web page? (3)
  49. Have you ever instinctively reached for the edit link to correct an unfortunate wording while reading a newspaper? (4)
  50. Have you ever edited an article on Wikipedia while paying long distance charges to connect to the Internet? (5)
  51. Have you ever noticed that someone has added a new question to the test, and immediately checked to see if the total still adds up to 100? (4)
  52. Do you make edits while drunk or under the influence of other intoxicating substances and find that nobody reverts your changes? (1)
  53. Have you ever publicly declared that you've quit wikipedia but found yourself lingering about anyway? (7)
  54. Is this page on your watchlist? (2)
  55. Are you an ambassador for Wikipedia? (2)
  56. Are you an ambassador for more than one Wikipedia? (2 points more)
  57. Have you ever requested to be a sysop? (2)
  58. Are you a sysop? (2 points more)
  59. Do you actually have sysop powers on more than one wikipedia? (2 points more)
  60. Did you translate the wikipedia software? (3)
  61. Did you actually program it? (10)
  62. Do you edit articles in your sleep? (17)
  63. Do you curse out loud upon waking and realizing that you have to make all those edits over again? (2 points more)
  64. Or are the edits actually still there...? (200 bonus points, plus the Randi prize)
  65. Have you edited:
    1. before 6.30 am (6)
    2. until 4 AM? (2)
    3. until 6 AM? (4)
    4. until 8 AM or later? (7)
  66. After reading the last question, did you give yourself 13 points b/c it is always 4, 6, or 8 AM somewhere? (-10) 3 points for cleverness :)
  67. Do you have an urge to edit this nonexistent article? (1)
  68. Did you immediately try and edit the above nonexistent article? (10)
  69. Did you get mad to find out that the above nonexistent article was not a wiki link? (3)
  70. Did you not get mad because you read the source of this page first? (5)
  71. Did you edit this page to make the nonexistent article link fit the scheme you are using? (5)
  72. Do you have this article on your watchlist? (5)

Interpreting your score

0 - 39 A well-balanced attitude that may benefit by spending more time on WP
40 - 99This is the optimal, most productive range.
100 - 179You are addicted to wikipedia.
180+ Scores in this range are commonly fatal.
Bonus questions

You don't get any points for these questions, since they may be redundant or not provide a good measure of current addiction. However the answers may provide useful information for your health worker:

  1. Do you vigorously complain that articles are not from the NPOV ?
  2. Have you ever requested an article ?
  3. Have you ever requested an image of chemical compound ?
  4. Have you know [sic] what Larry Sanger did ?
  5. Have you ever argued with Larry Sanger?
  6. Have you edited/created pages in three or more different language wikipedias?
  7. Have you edited/created pages in FIVE or more different language wikipedias?
  8. Have you ever removed outdated questions from this test?

See also Wikipedia:Recent Changes coefficient

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