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Vicki Rosenzweig is a native New Yorker, and would-be polymath.

In practice, "dilettante" might be closer, but I'm curious about most things, know at least a little about many, and enjoy answering questions and explaining things, so Wikipedia is a congenial project.

I'm also a professional copyeditor and proofreader, and enjoy being someplace where I'm encouraged to insert the missing "the"s, fix the spelling, and tidy up the commas.

I do freelance work: contact me if you need non-Wiki editing, proofreading, or research. vr@redbird.org If you want me to look over something on the Wikipedia, just drop a note on my talk page.

My home page is http://www.panix.com/~vr

I've been dropping in stubs on things I think ought to be covered--I started the light pollution article because it was requested, and just did a few paragraphs on whales because it seemed like an odd omission: there was already an article on ambergris. The list below is in the order of writing, rather than any more useful organization.

To Do:

  • Rewrite New York City entry, with much more history
  • Expand apple {... but which one? disambiguated}
  • More on Mississippi/Atchafalaya/Corps of Engineers
  • fill out Hudson River article
  • Rose, if nobody gets there first (just noticed that it's a very brief stub)
  • more on zoos, currently three sentences or so, from memory to replace stubbiest of stubs
  • fill out Slender loris entry (just read a good magazine article on the subject)
  • koala, currently a pathetic stub
  • de-stubbify zebra
  • see which other people entered by the contributor who has a thing for presidents of the continental congress did other more important things (see John Jay
  • expand American bison: should cover role in Plains Indian culture, for one
  • whooping crane[?]
  • Mount Rainier

Oh, and when I get bored I wander through the Wikipedia semi-randomly, inserting verbs into topic sentences.
Note to self: got to July 6, noticed conflict with July 5 (both claimed as publication date for Newton's Principia); check 7/5 talk page, then go on to 7/7 if not answered.
May 24 list of names is C'n'P from http://www.thisdaythatyear.com/May/people24.htm
through December 21; it's going more slowly as I use the "pages that link to" feature to find items to enter, and occasionally fix things on the pages that link to. (This would be simpler if I'd started at Jan. 1 and not skipped anything.) Oh, and I don't care how big a fan you are, not every detail of Bob Dylan's career belongs under "events."

In case anyone is wondering, I'm operating on the theory that singers, writers, philosophers and scientists belong to the world, but politicians and soldiers should be identified by country. I'm unlikely to add people I've never heard of unless they have Wikipedia entries: if someone cared enough to describe a life, it's worth giving dates of birth or death. I won't remove the entry for an athlete or entertainer just because I haven't heard of them, though. My non-wiki sources are US-biased; non-US Wikipedians are especially encouraged to add more data.

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