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Apparently this is the thing to do...

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Westland Whirlwind Westland Welkin Supermarine Spitfire Supermarine Seafire[?] Supermarine Spiteful[?] Supermarine Seafang[?] Hawker Hurricane Hawker Typhoon Bristol Blenheim Bristol Beaufort Bristol Beaufighter Bachem Ba 349 Messerschmitt Bf 109 Messerschmitt Me 163 Messerschmitt Me 262 Avro Arrow Shorts Stirling Heinkel He 111 Fokker D.VII Macchi C.200 Macchi C.202 Macchi C.205 Mitsubishi Zero Aichi D3A Dornier Do 17 Dornier Do 215 Dornier Do 335 Fieseler Fi 165 Gotha Go 229 Polikarpov I-16 Ilyushin Il-4 Focke-Wulf Ta 154 Heinkel He 219 Heinkel He 112 Heinkel He 100 IAR 80 Henschel Hs 129 Arado Ar 80 Arado Ar 196 Arado Ar 234 Blohm und Voss Bv 155 Dewoitine D.520 Junkers Ju 188 Junkers Ju 388 Lockheed Vega XF-91 Thunderceptor Miles M.52

I am indebted to Rod for many of the pictures I have used in these articles. http://www.luftwaffepics.com/


Bristol Aeroplane Company Fokker Scourge interrupter gear Air Ministry Reichsluftfahrtministerium (RLM) Coastal Command Commonwealth Air Training Plan Gimli Glider


interceptor heavy fighter strike fighter bomber destroyer torpedo bomber dive bomber ground attack aircraft liaison aircraft night fighter day fighter Selbstopfer Schräge Musik


power-to-weight ratio power loading angle of incidence angle of attack leading edge extension boundary layer vortex generator center of gravity center of pressure gee radio navigation radio direction finder flying wing Coanda Effect sonic boom drag coefficient streamline Hanna Reitsch sound barrier monocoque chord (aircraft) planform delta-wing swept-wing waverider compressibility critical mach wave drag area rule transonic supersonic hypersonic

their engines

Rolls Royce Merlin all the Bristol engines Napier & Son Napier Lion Napier Sabre Napier Nomad pulse detonation engine

engines in general

aircraft engine inline engine rotary engine radial engine diesel cycle Wankel engine Miller cycle Evaporative cooling turbocharger supercharger jet engine specific fuel consumption stratified charge engine pollution pump compression ratio hybrid car


anti-aircraft Skysweeper Kerrison Director

other military tech

Blitzkrieg Shillelagh missile Enzian missile SA80 Lee-Enfield New Model Army Claymore mine glide bomb Bazooka PIAT HEAT HESH

battles & people

Battle of Callinicum Battle of Mycale Battle of Shrewsbury Passchendaele Vimy Ridge Western ApproachesBattle of the Atlantic (1940) Battle of the Bulge Battle of Kursk Battle of Stalingrad Operation Market Garden Battle of Ad Decimum Battle of Ticameron Battle of Killiecrankie Battle of Clontarf Third Battle of Panipat Battle of the beams Falklands war[?]


Erich von Manstein Erwin Rommel Gerd von Rundstedt Bernard Montgomery Karl Doenitz

Computer history stuff

Computer history is easy, at least half of it existed since I learned to read.


rotor machine Hebern Rotor Machine Enigma SIGABA Typex William F. Friedman

Computer companies and personalities

NeXT Data General Cray Research Control Data Corporation Engineering Research Associates (ERA) MOS Technologies Atari Commodore International ARM William Norris Seymour Cray Taligent Jay Miner Lotus Software Sequent Computer Systems Ardent

Computers themselves

GE-600 series GE-200 series Data General Nova SAGE Project Whirlwind Atari Transputer Workstation Unisys ICON Commodore PET KIM-1 Atari ST Meiko Computing Surface Datamax UV-1 Bally Astrocade Exidy Sorcerer Altair 8800

CPU's etc.

Motorola 56000 Motorola 88000 Motorola 96000 INMOS Transputer nCUBE iWarp MOS Technologies 6502 PIC PA-RISC family PowerPC AltiVec MMX SSE VIS MIPS architecture Itanium PIC Intel i860 RISC SIMD vector processor instruction pipeline superscalar


transistor core memory twistor memory delay line memory Williams tube Selectron tube bubble memory drum memory resource fork SHRDLU plotter interface description language low voltage differential signaling ALOHAnet ARCnet Hayes command set DECnet JANET plug-and-play object-relational mapping database management system database application just-in-time


Ingres Informix Lotus Improv HyperCard dBASE PostgreSQL Business System 12 (BS12) Sybase


BASIC programming language (the history part) GRASS programming language NewtonScript programming language Objective-C programming language Self programming language AmigaE programming language QUEL

OS related

Back when Apple bought NeXT I got really interested in operating systems. No idea why really, but if you're interested in such things, check out the Plan 9 article.

GEM CP/M Digital Research QNX Mach kernel Plan 9 OpenStep NEXTSTEP monitor program Business Operating System

Display systems

PostScript Display PostScript NeWS Encapsulated PostScript Teletext Videotex Telidon NAPLPS TrueType HPGL horizontal blank interrupt vertical blank interrupt Aldus Tagged Image File Format BitBLT GEM pantone CMYK YUV

Computer bus systems

computer bus NuBus Futurebus Scalable Coherent Interconnect Apple Desktop Bus HyperTransport InfiniBand QuickRing MicroChannel VMEbus I²C ACCESS.bus PCI-Express HIPPI Fibre Channel SBus digital visual interface (DVI) ST506

AES/EBU S/PDIF TOSlink cable spaghetti RCA jack

Other things



Phreaking Autovon Touch Tone Dual tone multi frequency vocoder


hydropower Water-wheel Tyson turbine Banki turbine venturi radar motion control photography electromechanical Duralumin pavement automation oil platform cable-stayed bridge cantilever Erie Canal Bailey Bridge pantograph drafting Damascus steel pattern welding spot welding chimney furnace hot-dip galvanizing

rockets and space engineering

Hohmann transfer orbit launch window gravitational slingshot Spacelab spacecraft propulsion solar power satellite space habitat space colonization Antimatter catalyzed nuclear pulse propulsion nuclear thermal rocket ion thruster Gerald Bull single stage to orbit tripropellant rocket Project Nike radio control


Biefeld-Brown effect Farnsworth-Hirsch Fusor corticosteroid nuclear fusion MISTRAM Philadelphia Experiment speed of gravity graviton critical mass HAARP Royal Canadian Institute hysteresis Robert Watson-Watt radiological weapon memory effect schlieren photography collimated

remote viewing

History and Geography

Rhodes Colossus of Rhodes Knights Hospitaller Henry Hudson John Cabot Irish potato famine James Reavis David Icke MKULTRA Arkhangelsk Sandford Fleming Hudson's Bay Company North West Company Louis Riel pemmican Red River Colony

corporate immune response Not Invented Here poison pill corporate raid takeover turf war empire building David Sarnoff Fillibuster politico Moiré pattern Guts frisbee Murderball Mueller-Lyer illusion hedge fund junk bond salting the earth the death of a thousand cuts sweet spot

about 100 others I can't remember any more

Maury! No clever handle? What happened to Havok?

You know, this list says a lot about you. I'm afraid now.


Hey Maury, it's Seymour Cray, not Seymore Cray[?]

- JidGom 08:16 20 Jun 2003 (UTC)

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