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  • "I long to accomplish some great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble." - Helen Keller
  • "Statistics don't lie, but statistics don't die either." - Phil Ochs
  • "There is such a thing as a free lunch. You just have to offer it." - Kingturtle
  • "Foreigners, because they never have enough words to express their ideas, often invent remarkable new modes of expression. Poets are all foreigners." - Denis Diderot
  • "Without irony, where would be poets be?" - Kingturtle
  • "Me fail English? That's unpossible." - Ralph Wiggum

I discovered wikipedia the evening of February 27, 2003 while searching for information on the internet to fatten a lecture I was writing on prohibition. I teach U.S. History and Psychology in high school.

The discovery matched love-at-first-sight. For years, I've been collecting old almanacs and encyclopedia. I bandied about different ideas regarding sharing and documenting the information revealed in these discarded sources. To stumble on a thriving community devoted to sharing information gave me a tremendous thrill and a curious sense of relief. Thank heavens you're all out there!

I attended University of California, Santa Cruz and received a BA in political science. I've studied with Victor Burgin and Angela Davis. I study Hannah Arendt closely. I am a second cousin, five times removed, of Ralph Waldo Emerson. My aunt participated greatly with research projects concerning the endangered Least tern[?].

I grew up in Rochester, New York, lived in New York, New York for many years, and now reside in Santa Cruz, California. I am forever transfixed by "Black and Tan Fantasy[?]" by Duke Ellington. I was born with Spina bifida occulta.

I refer the List of reference tables often. I like to keep Wikipedia:Requested articles tidy.

My interests include: birding, chess, the Beatles, Freud, muckraking, baseball, the President of the United States of America, Afghanistan, Amedeo Modigliani, Tintin, Surrealism, U.S. presidential election, 2004, the Cold War, ukulele, punk music, indie rock, glam rock, semiotics, maps, word games, jazz, timelines, Fats Waller, lists, etc. etc. etc. I also haunt Disinfopedia [1] (http://www.disinfopedia.org/wiki.phtml) but I don't post there.

Something to think about: WikiPrinciples
I've initiated the following artices:

Table of contents

Regarding Afghanistan

Regarding baseball and chess

Regarding birds

Regarding health and science

Regarding history, business and current events

Regarding entertainment

Regarding the trivial

Someone else started these pages, but I participate(d) in their construction:
Groups and individuals I've voted into my Hall of Fame: Phil Ochs -- Big Bill Broonzy -- The Carter Family[?] -- Townes Van Zandt[?] -- The Flaming Lips -- John Lennon -- Paul McCartney -- Cliff Edwards[?] -- Richard Pryor -- Joe Strummer -- David Bowie -- Marvin Gaye -- Buddy Holly -- Lou Reed -- Sophie Tucker[?] -- Fats Waller -- Joseph Campbell -- Beethoven -- Hannah Arendt -- Art Pepper[?] -- William Carlos Williams -- François Truffaut -- Jean-Luc Godard -- Allen Ginsberg -- Paul Klee -- Wallace Stegner[?] -- bell hooks -- Angela Davis -- Joe Hill -- Jack Schaar[?] -- Ann Lane[?] -- Calvin Johnson -- Pablo Neruda -- Tom Robbins[?] -- Mother Jones -- Harvey Milk -- Amiri Baraka[?] -- Bob Wills -- Django Reinhardt -- Jonathan Richman -- Nellie Lutcher[?] -- Sister Rosetta Tharpe[?] -- Jack Benny -- Eddie Izzard -- Utah Phillips -- Frank Black -- Bix Beiderbecke
Films I've voted into my Hall of Fame: The Hustler

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