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Notice: I am not much around currently. The main reason for that is not a lack of interest in Wikipedia or a lack of time, but that my activity has shifted to the Dutch language Wikipedia, on which I am very active nowadays.
I am Dutch, and by profession mathematician and theoretical computer scientist (got my Ph.D. in computer science in May 2001), and currently working at the university of Koblenz. I have been helping with Wikipedia since March 2001, one of my first articles was Netherlands/history, which gained me some acclaim.

I think I can help Wikipedia on a range of subjects, such as mathematics and history. See also Pages for a detailed overview.

Jij hebt overduidelijk hardstikke veel tijd
ik zit van mijn werktijd te snoepen - User:Mathijs
Don't think I've welcomed you yet, so, welcome, Andre! Great work. --User:LMS
For my pride, and maybe also a bit for your curiosity, I am keeping a list of pages I created at Pages
For God's sake, DON"T summarily delete stuff from the September 11 pages. --The Cunctator

Although I marginally agree with the deletion of the New York Times / page I do think that this item should have been left on the vote for deletion page for more than a few hours. It is standard procedure to use the deletion page to review requests for deletion -- that requires time. --mav

Many thanks, Andre! But is it not still too big? There is another photo called 'Corn Dolly Exhibition' which is also enormous. Any chance you could do that one, too? Next question: How can I do this at home before I upload photos? I never have that problem when I upload stuff onto my photo website.... Thanks again, User:Renata

These are spectacularly bad moves. Please revert changes: There are any number of pubs called the Dolphin. Also there are a number of places and things referred to regarding the Prospect of Whitby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! user:sjc

If you prefer to move them back, then do so, but at least use correct syntax - that is, no comma before the bracket. Also, I personally am of the opinion that disambiguation is done when necessary only, that is, when encyclopedia articles on other subjects are either already existing or very likely to be written. I don't think such is the case here.Andre Engels

OK< the comma was slack, just v. tired. I prefer to pre-emptively disambiguate, saves an awful lot of work later on. Trust me, I've been there. user:sjc

Dr. Engels: please review the criteria for deletion; namely the policy of not deleting page titles that may become valid entries. If you disagree with the policy, you should change the stated policy instead of violating it. Note that the current policy is the result of discussion of various points (some of which may have changed, because they were based partially on features of the software which may have changed). That is not to say that it can't be changed, but that there was serious consideration in coming up with the policy. The Cunctator

Ooof! Thanks for catching my renaming gaffe! Much appreciated. Also, just in general, your work here is greatly appreciated - the perennial delete/don't delete stubs argument shouldn't overshadow that! :) -- April

Have you been away? I don't seem to have noticed your name till recently. I think you may be the ideal person to sort out the Netherlands monarchy. See User talk:JHK. At the moment, the entries aren't in keeping with wikipedia naming conventions, but I don't know enough about the Netherlands to know whether, for example, your present queen's title is "Beatrix of the Netherlands" or "Beatrix I of the Netherlands" or something else. I wonder if you'd like to have a look at it. --Deb
I have not been away, but came very little between November 2001 to June 2002. As for Beatrix: As I argue at the place where you led me - I would prefer "Queen Beatrix", but have no problem accepting "Beatrix of the Netherlands" either. All other proposals are clearly inferior to these two, in my opinion.

Hi Andre -- could you please do me a favor and stay off the Carolingian redirects for a while? i'm fighting a losing battle with what now appear to be two French Helgas, and the numbering they want to use isn't necessarily right -- it only works if you say that the Carolingians were only French. I'm trying to get things fixed, but I just found three different entries for one person (one of the carlomans) two of which were rediected to empty articles! Thanks! JHK

Would you restore the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack/World economic effects links, please? Thanks! The Cunctator

Many thanks for your efforts, Andre! It was a shock to see how enormous the images were. I never have that kind of trouble when I upload them onto my photo website..... The craft pictures don't seem too bad, size-wise - or what do you feel? User:Renata

André, I'd be interested to hear your opinion on my template proposal for the Dutch provinces, presented in Talk:North Brabant. Jeronimo

Hi André, thank you for sorting out Cologne Cathedral and the images! So far I've only managed to add a paragraph on the Coat of Arms, and a link page to Eau de Cologne. As soon as I've finished with the interminable Art and Craft pages, I'll re-write most of the Cologne text. The Cathedral page needs loads adding to it. Luckily I can write most of it from memory......Renata 24/9/2002
Dear Dr. Engels: Could you please clue me in as to why you revised the "Zazie" link to "w:Zazie" on my page. I'm not complaining and it works just fine; I'm just wondering when I should do this myself. --Daniel C. Boyer 14:22 Oct 2, 2002 (UTC)
Actually, I made the reverse change - I changed "w:Zazie" to "Zazie". "w:Zazie" does not work correctly, it works as if it's an interlanguage link to the English Wikipedia, and thus shows up on top rather than where you put it on the page. Check out the previous version of your page to see what I mean. Andre Engels 14:45 Oct 2, 2002 (UTC)

QUOTE You wrote you could not get the main page. Try using 'refresh' or 'reload' on your browser when you see the error; usually an error like that occurs just once, if you see it repeatedly, it probably means that you are loading the page from a cache rather than directly from Wikipedia. Andre Engels /QUOTE I tried that and it did not work too. Vassili Nikolaev
Answered on your own page.Andre Engels

I solved the problem by deleting all cached files. Thank you for help, Andre. --Vassili Nikolaev

Need a little help on the Dutch Language. Do you capitalize the days of the week and the month names in Dutch? Thanks.....DW

No, they are usually not capitalized. Andre Engels

I wonder if you have been keeping an eye on the Aria Giovanni talk webpage. The situation there is out of control.

Matters have deteriorated to a highly abusive level over a website link. Of special concern is the general conduct and attitude of someone called NetEsq, who claims in his details to be a lawyer.

He has repeatedly abused anyone who opposed the idea of the website link with such tactics as net misettiquete ( eg the use of the word 'you' in capitals and bold to emphasise shouting), a poor grasp of history, the unrepentant use of such provocative terms as 'Nazi' (which I hope is an example of his poor grasp of history) , out of context quotes and attempted alienation ("only YOU opppose it"). He writes of defending freedom of expression, yet cannot tolerate it from others when they give an opinion he does not like.

Regardless of the rights and wrongs of his beliefs, it is very advisable to bring this most unruly and arrogant person into line.

Given that your name is on the list of persons who can ban users, I thought it highly advisable to bring this to your attention, before it leads to persons leaving the wikipedia - something likely to stroke Netesq's already aggressive ego.

Irony of ironies: This anonymous poster, failing in his recalcitrant and petty attempts to oppose the consensus of Wikipedians in re the Aria Giovanni article, is now seeking your assistance in getting me banned from Wikipedia. No doubt this strategy will be repeated elsewhere. -- NetEsq 18:11 Oct 11, 2002 (UTC)

First they came for the hackers.
But I never did anything illegal with my computer,
so I didn't speak up.
Then they came for the pornographers.
But I thought there was too much smut on the Internet anyway,
so I didn't speak up.
Then they came for the anonymous remailers.
But a lot of nasty stuff gets sent from anon.penet.fi,
so I didn't speak up.
Then they came for the encryption users.
But I could never figure out how to work PGP anyway,
so I didn't speak up.
Then they came for me.
And by that time there was no one left to speak up.
- Author unknown

'Oppose the consensus of Wikipedians'? I didn't see such a consensus in either direction. Basically, almost everyone but him and you left the arena without actually making a decision on what side they stood. As for banning: I don't think anyone thought for one minute about banning you. I sure didn't. Andre Engels 18:25 Oct 11, 2002 (UTC)

Look at the history of revisions to the Aria Giovanni article. It's pretty clear that one person keeps deleting the link, whereas the consensus keeps restoring it; I would even include mav in this consensus, even though he favors making the URL non-clickable. As for me, I have intentionally limited my actions to posting comments on the Aria Giovanni talk page until now, hoping that those who agree with me will continue restoring the link and eventually convince the would-be censor of that link that he should give up. Even so, should the opposition on the talk page cease, so would my advocacy. However, it now looks like the opposition has changed its tactics and started posting complaints about me on various Wikipedia sysop pages. For the record, I welcome such scrutiny, as well your attempts to heighten the dignity of the debate. -- NetEsq 19:37 Oct 11, 2002 (UTC)

Yes, deleting the Hispaniola accident was an accident; gomen nasai. It seems a number of people are having this problem. I appreciate your trust. :) - Montréalais

Do you realize you redirected "Michael Cerularius" (which is the correct spelling) to "Micheal Cerularius" (which is wrong)?
I had not bother to look at it, and blame for this mistake. What was going on was that "Michael Cerularius" redirected to "Patriarch Michael I" which in turn redirected to "Micheal Cerularius". What I did was 'shortcutting' this chain of redirects.Andre Engels 08:00 Nov 11, 2002 (UTC)

Dear Andre: Hi! How are you? I just came back from Sedona, Arizona, nice place to visit, man. Anyways, I have to ask you something: I was upset to find out that another user, user:tarquin, erased my article about Donna Karan, saying it was junk. I believe that when I wrote it, I made a credible job, althought everybody is, of course , entitled to their opinion. I can't unerase it or however it is that they call bringing articles back in this site, but I wanted to ask if you or any other wikiadministrator who have become friends with me could do it, because I want to know if anyone else erased what I wrote and put some real junk there before it got erased (so I could paste the info Id previously written, maybe edit it a little and put it back on) or if it was just erased cause tarquin thought it was junk.

In any case, I just wanted to ask you that.

Thanks, and God bless you!

Sincerely yours, User:AntonioMartin

I think that for some reason your version of the Donna Karan page has not been on the system at all. Maybe you pressed 'Show preview' instead of 'Save page'? Or maybe there was a software glitch caused because your editing and tarquin's deleting were at more or less the same moment? Anyway, the version that tarquin deleted was "what the hell why is there no information on Donna Karan?" - which anyone will probably agree would not count as a 'credible job' for an article on Donna. Andre Engels

Dear Andre: Hi! How are you? Thanks for answering my question so fast. Perhaps I did click the wrong button when I was writing about Donna Karan, or maybe my computer froze. I wasn't actually angry at Tarquin, thru. I was upset at the fact he'd erased something I thought probably was a good job, or that someone else edited my job to put something senseless. But Tarquin is cool.

Anyways, thanks and God bless you!

Lets keep the fun rolling at wikipedia!

Sincerely yours, AntonioMartin

Please could you insert inter wiki links in the Polish Wikipedia in the Polish alphabetical order ? See http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strona_g%C5%82%C3%B3wna.
I have a simple perl script to do it for you.
--Kpjas czw lis 28 20:37:03 CET 2002
No, the policy still is to order interwiki links alphabetically. Sorry in the meantime someone added quite a lot links to other wikipedias so the ordering was broken.
--Kpjas sob gru 7 19:27:18 CET 2002

Andre, I was happy to see the Zoo link, and figured out we share both history and zoos/ animals as interest, so I look forward to some path crossing with you! :) Dan

André, Dan Koehl again, I noticed that when you made languagelinks from Wien on the swedish Wikipedia, that you also changed pĺ to paa. For us Swedes paa is wrong this is danish, but it may be that you also dont see the text as we do? I will bring this topic to the Intl-wiki maillist, maybe theres someting to correct in the code? greeings, Dan Koehl 11:13 Feb 21, 2003 (UTC)
Humble apologizes, since it want you. I was merely just interested in the technich, and how to solve the problem. Visit us again!! Dan Koehl 22:28 Feb 21, 2003 (UTC)

Andre, about moving of function article. You shouldn't simply copy and paste text because each article comes with its history of revision. To move text and history altogether, you have use "move this page" function. Unfortunately, there is already function article so first we need to delete that. -- Taku 13:48 21 May 2003 (UTC)

Most of the history is on the Function page, so it shouldn't be deleted. --Zundark

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