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Georgy Markov[?] ricin Barry Sheene Lion of Babylon tank

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The King in Yellow Robert W. Chambers Jonathon Carroll[?] Marina Tsvetaeva, Osip Mandelstam, Boris Pasternak Nikolai Gumilyev[?] Acmeist poetry Philip Jose Farmer Leigh Hunt Sorley MacLean Sites and places associated with Arthurian legend Marks and Spencer

History of literature

Beowulf (text, translation, and detailed analysis)

List of mythological and supernatural creatures[?] Farscape

Continue: Wold Newton family family saga Seid (shamanic magic) List of generic forms in British place names +British toponymy Old English language Beowulf (text, translation, and detailed analysis)

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Peterloo Massacre alchemy Hanging Gardens[?] Shakers Battle of Copenhagen Joseph Banks letter of marque

Can history be truly NPOV?

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Norse mythology Cornwall viking Odin History of England Anglo-Saxon mythology frith Archaeological site

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John Barry composer and notorious 18th century American troublemaker.
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M&S, Marks and Spencer plc Stone of Scone

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