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"-- April," so designated to differentiate the nickname from the month, is an astronomer by profession and an avid reader by avocation. I have another user page on the Meta Pages (http://meta.wikipedia.com/wiki.phtml?title=user%3A--+April), where I've stuck a few opinons and rants.

My homepage is at http://www.renaissoft.com/april/ .

Science Hypertextbook project

I'm working on developing a science hypertextbook online, called (for a working title) Science!... in Simple Steps. Given the amount of time it was taking me to work on the project, I was inspired by Wikipedia to open it to the wide wild world of Wikidom. A friend has offered me a site and some code support, so it's now set up! At the moment it's using UseModWiki, though my code-guru friend is muttering noises about optimizations.

I would appreciate it if those of you familiar with Wikis and Wikified projects (like Wikipedia!) could drop by and give some advice. I would really appreciate it if some of the scientifically knowlegeable sorts I so often see around here would add to the text, which at the moment is extremely preliminary. You can find it at,


Useful lists

I intend to use this space for a few notes and suchlike that don't belong in the Wikepedia articles. I would appreciate it, therefore, if messages to me were placed in the "Talk" section.

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