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The design of this user page is based on that of User:Jtdirl to show my respect to him.

I have no PhD, no master degree[?] and no bachelor degree[?]. My interests include computer science, particularly programming languages and the interpretation of them, TV cartoons, Japanese animations and manga such as the Simpsons, the Ghost in the Shell and Love Hina. My only income is from my parents.

  • Ethnic: Japanese
  • Age: 20s
  • Political Affiliations: No idea. John Lennon?
  • Location: Minnesota, U.S.
  • Personal Vices: eat and sleep little, a Wikiholic.

On Wiki!

I started to contribute in wikipedia exactly on December 31, 2002. I have no particular fields to edit. Even in articles I have no idea, I tend to read them and complain if the article does not make sense to me. You can expect me to appear anywhere in wikipedia. Often, there is a controversy about my contributions. I don't want to make people feel uncomfortable, which is the last thing I want. So I have decided to avoid moving because my moving often pisses people off and though I can be careful, I don't want to risk it.

Table of contents

My Wiki Contributions

Computer science



May 12, 2003: Yes, the long-long-long school year finally has ended. Since it's on summer vacation, I will go to some vacation soon for possibly weeks. If you found I am missing, it is due to I am on vacation not because I failed to pay for internet connection. Cheers!

Instructions of writing an article For myself, basically

  1. Define it; what is TakuyaMurata? is it edible? tangible or not?
  2. Property; what does it have? Japan, love?
  3. Anatomy; what consists of it? protein, subprefecture?
  4. Chronology; what does it start and end?

Wikiprojects I have participated now

About Browser problem Sometimes because of my browser I deleted some portion of text for no reason. That is not my intent at all but simple technical problem. Please fix such a problem if you find. I will appreciate.


This is a list for me as well as other contributors. Feel free to add a page that you want me to check (for example, Japanese character) or add more information to.

I am afraid this list is fated only to get longer.

Who I am

I am MURATA, Takuya (村田, 拓哉) Wiki:JustaStudent in my 20s. Murata is a family or surname while Takuya is a given or first name.

Use Changes by Takuya Murata (/w/wiki.phtml?title=Special:Contributions&target=TakuyaMurata) to find out and correct the bugs that I made.

I would like to make Wikipedia an encyclopedia useful, reliable, and even fun.

I am a

I am interested in

  • The development of Wiki-like system such as UseMod.

I have

See TakuyaMurata (http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?TakuyaMurata) at UseMod

Acknowledgement Note: not particular order; this list is not all who I would like to show my acknowledgement.


Japanese characters note

  • 支庁 (subprefecture?)

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List of Japanese translation terms

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