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I'm interested in East Asian history, languages and scripts.


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Möllendorf: ŠŪ šū
M-R: ŎŬ ŏŭ
LV: ĀĒĪŌŪ āēīōū

Note on Mongolian Romanization

I apply the Cyrillic script to Mongolian names related to Outer Mongolia after the Mongolian Revolution.

Transcription of the traditional Mongolian script

ghɢ, γ

  • romanize vowel + gh + vowel or vowel + g + vowel to vowel + vowel if pronounced as a long vowel today.
  • romanize round vowels except on a first syllable to u if male, ü if female.
  • respect original spellings of foreign origin words (esp. Tibetan).

The above rules are not applied to the Todo script.

Exceptions for popular words

  • Khan (spelling: Khaghan, my romanization: Khaan)

Romanization differences between the Classical and Cyrillic scripts

Classical Cyrillic
kh (M), k (F) h
gh (M), g (F) g
n, ng n
ch ch, ts
b b, v

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