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Hi. I'm a philosophy graduate from Edinburgh University, currently employed in a library in Edinburgh.

Some of the articles I've significantly contributed to: (though my definition of "significantly" is a little vague)

Table of contents


Amber Benson - Andrew Wells - Faith - Jonathan Levinson - Miss Kitty Fantastico - Oz - Principal Snyder - Tara Maclay - Warren Mears


Aristotelian logic - Bivalence and related laws - Categorical Imperative - David Hume - Divine command theory - Doctrine of double effect - Existentialism and Humanism - Gettier problem - J. L. Mackie - Moral skepticism - Omnipotence paradox - Omniscience - Original position - Person - Punishment - Square of opposition - Suicide - Virtue ethics

Film, literature, and music:

Bound - Dead Can Dance - Evanescence - The Metamorphosis - The Truman Show


Drug culture - Wild Haggis

I've also made quite a mind-numbing amount of small edits.

All Wikipedia text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License

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