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b. Hancock, Michigan, USA

I am a surrealist painter, cartoonist and maker of chocolate coulages, cubomanias, drawings (including entopic graphomanias and other methods of the Romanian surrealists[?], and a drawing done with food colouring), fumages[?] and ASCII art. I have made two films, The Dead Man and The Erotic Life of the Eskimo, and designed a watch in honour of Ahn Choong-Kun[?] (published by Idealist Press International, Ltd.). Two of my articles, "Are You Crazy?: Mental Illness and Whiteness" and "Seattle 1999 - Just the Beginning," and one of my drawings, "The Breakfast Club," were published in Surrealist Subversions, edited and introduced by Ron Sakolsky[?], and I was a contributor to the Treatise of Pataphysical Anatomy, published by SpiderWeb Productions. I am the author of the broadside poem "Blair House" (illustrated by Allison Boyer) and the book The Octopus Frets: political poems (published in 1994) and The Tailgating Spinster (published in 2003 by Fiji Island Mermaid Press). I designed the cover for the e-book Chapter 1 of the Anemone Sidecar (http://www.ravennapress.com/snowmonkey/works/as1.pdf) (published by Ravenna Press), and you can see my digital book Me: An Autobiography (http://www.fimp.net/medanboyer1) at the Fiji Island Mermaid Press website (http://www.fimp.net).

I have also been active in mail art and am listed in the International Directory of Artistamp Creators (http://jas.faximum.com/jas.d/idac_art.htm). Since 2002 I have served as the Chief Executive Officer of the International Union of Mail Artists.

My bookplate (http://www.nottwo.demon.co.uk/Text/exlib8.htm) was exhibited at the Ex Libris (http://www.nottwo.demon.co.uk/Text/exlib8.htm) exhibit at the HUB Gallery in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

When I attended Colorado College I worked on the Catalyst and wrote a review of an exhibit (http://www.geocities.com/Paris/6721/Alexandra_Nechita) by Alexandra Nechita[?]. I also designed a poster[?] for the screening of L'Age d'Or there.

I received a BA from Curry College, where I took a class in Digital Imaging: Photoshop (AC (http://www.curry.edu/academic/acadcomp/acadcomp.orig) 2738), two of the computer graphics[?] I made in partial fulfillment of the requirements of which were The Scalpeles History White-clothed Like a Dove and with Three Owls (http://www.geocities.com/Paris/6721/Scalpel--the_scalpeles_history_white-clothed_like_a_dove_and_with_three_owls.gif) and the Alas Poor Yorick! background of the page on which my article (originally printed in the Currier Times, of which I was the Arts and Entertainment editor), "Curry Hockey Skids" (http://www.geocities.com/Paris/6721/Curry_Hockey_Skids) is reprinted.

In 1997 I curated the "Surrealism: Books, Objects, Posters and Pamphlets from Four Continents" exhibit at the East Library and Information Center (http://library.ppld.org/aboutyourlibrary/hourslocations/east.asp) in Colorado Springs. In 2003 I signed a petition (http://www.twokmi-kimali.de/) protesting the pending sale of the contents of Andre Breton's studio at 42 rue Fontaine in Paris.

I wrote on the surrealist implications of the Pyschedelic Furs[?]' music: "The War Against Mrs. London is Still On (http://www.magneticfields.org/cgi-bin/kforum.exe?sess=267600404o16605&viewmode=normal&action=list&object=message&threadid=1&topicid=1&forumid=2&maxentries=25&nextaction=createapply&sort=threadmessage)".

I have collaborated with other surrealists, having made an unnamed (http://zazie.at/Collaborations/DanielBoyerZazie/00_WebPages/DanielZazie.htm) computerized exquisite corpse with Zazie[?] (in the Special Editions section of the website of whom I have the artwork A Plan For Armaments 1932 (http://www.zazie.at/SpecialEditions/DanielBoyer/00_WebPages/MinesotaMine.htm)) and a computerized exquisite corpse, The Transparent Gulags Melt Before the Very Sharp Blade of the Figure-Skating Wode and the Funerals of Two Senators Take Place not Very Far from the Cottager's Home, with Willem den Broeder; and signed collective surrealist statements including "POETRY MATTERS!: On the Media Persecution of Amiri Baraka (http://www.surrealism-usa.org/pages/news_poetry%20_matters)."

I contributed a drawing (http://www.zyarts.com/ebook/daniel) to the Picasso e-book (http://www.zyarts.com/ebook), commemorating the 120th anniversary of the birth of Pablo Picasso in 2001.

It was at my suggestion that Blue Feathers SE2, a special edition on the events of September 11, 2001 (http://www.magneticfields.org/blue/SE2/publish/SE2page6) was published.

In addition to my homepage (http://www.vapa.com/gallery/danielcboyer) I have a websites on SITO (http://id.sito.org/dcb) and at Artmajeur.com (http://www.artmajeur.com/danielcboyer).

Articles I have started with unique content: anti-stuckism, Attorney General, Copper Island, cancellation, consensus reality, cubomania, decimal currency, Dreamland, Michigan, first day of issue, fashion police, four dimensional painting, frottage, gas sculpture, postal card, surrealist automatism.

Articles to which I have contributed content: anti-psychiatry, cover, dog, killer, mail, Marquette, Michigan, medium, Normandy, Nat Turner, painting, people on stamps, postmark, Rene Magritte, soviet, Universal Postal Union, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, virtual reality, Year 2000 problem

Suggested articles on Ahn Choong-Kun[?], Arfe, Les Automatistes, ballroom, Benjamin Paul Blood[?], Canada Post, canine distemper, channelling[?], Un Chien Andalou, Chutes and Ladders, computer vended postage[?], computerized postage[?], Conroy Maddox[?], Copper Country[?], coulage, creative production, Czechoslovakian Surrealist Group[?], decalcomania[?], Dee Stadium, Edmond Yu, fancy cancels[?], fashion sense[?], Francs-tireurs[?],Franklin Rosemont, grattage[?], Guy Ducournet[?], Hans Bellmer[?], Headgear, invisible ink, Jean Benoit[?], Joan Rivers[?], Joyce Mansour[?], lumitalos[?], mailstream[?], Melissa Rivers[?], mental hygiene, Mimi Parent[?], MOVE!, MRTA, National Lampoon's Last Resort[?], Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Penelope Rosemont[?], P.H. Vazak, playground, Ernest F. Pletschke[?], postal stationary[?], practice[?], Psychedelic Furs, Portage Lake, Portage Lake Pioneers[?], psychic, pure psychic automatism, Ransom Sheldon[?], reality enforcement, secret police, Surrealist Group in Stockholm[?], Surrealist Subversions, Thomas Szasz, United States Army Corps of Engineers, William W. Henderson[?], Wolfgang Paalen[?], words, Zazie[?].

Article from Meta Wikipedia: Pre-automatic dictatorship (http://meta.wikipedia.com/wiki.phtml?title=Pre-automatic+dictatorship)

For additional information visit my meta page (http://meta.wikipedia.com/wiki.phtml?title=user%3ADanielcboyer).

External links:

Artwork by Daniel C. Boyer

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    • The Belgian is Transformed into an Oriental Priest with a Purple Tongue

  • Limited-edition prints by Daniel C. Boyer
    • The Killing Loneliness (giclée[?]; some exist with remarques)

  • Photography by Daniel C. Boyer
    • Self-portrait as a Kazakh (http://www.robertcanagagallery.com/Gallery_Links/Eugene_Gallery/Call_to_artists_-_Polaroid_Sho/Polaroid_Self-Portrait_Show/polaroid_self-portrait_show)

CD Cover Designs

Writing and Concerning Writing by Daniel C. Boyer

The Periodic Table of Poetry (http://www.superdeluxe.com/elemental/)

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  • Potassium (http://www.superdeluxe.com/elemental/potassiu.htm)
  • Ununnilium (http://www.superdeluxe.com/elemental/ununnili.htm)

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