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January 2002

2002 : January - February - March - April - May - June - July - August - September - October - November - December

A timeline of events in the news for January, 2002.

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Table of contents
1 Topics in the news in January 2002
2 Background for events in January 2002

January 29, 2002

January 24, 2002

January 23, 2002

January 20, 2002

  • Speed skating: world championships sprint, Hamar, Norway. Katriona Lemay-Doan of Canada wins in the women's event (2. Andrea Nuyt, Neth., 3. Anzhela Kotyuaga, Bel.), Jeremy Wotherspoon, also of Canada becomes the champion in the men's competition (2. Casey Fitzrandolph, USA, 3. Michael Ireland, Can.).

January 8, 2002

January 4, 2002

January 4, 2002

January 3, 2002

  • Beer brewer Freddy Heineken (grandson of the brewery's founder) died in his home at the age of 78.

January 1, 2002

Topics in the news in January 2002

Background for events in January 2002

The War in Afghanistan: Background

U.S. Domestic Response to Terrorism: Background

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Background

India and Pakistan

Other Conflicts

Science and Technology


Business news

Celebrity news

Sports news

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