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This WikiProject is an attempt to formulate a template for the French départements. Reason is the lack of structure for most of the départements articles, which usually contain some loosely organised phrases. This WikiProject tries to suggest a structure for départements articles which would make them more structured, while also giving them a common look and feel.

Title: WikiProject French departements

Scope: This WikiProject aims to structure all French départements articles and sub-articles.


Similar projects:

Table of contents

Collaboration with Fr.Pedia

Before we do much more here, may I suggest we go and find out how much the French wikipedia has done on this? Maybe we could work with some writers there to compile the basic facts and statistics, and build up the pages on both wikis simultanously. -- Tarquin

Overall impression: they have pages for all depts. The ones I've checked so far have just the pref. and sous-prefs; and a link to a page with list of communes.

Same impression for me. Their list of communes, ranked by alphabetical order is interesting, and we might want to copy these lists. Basically, they are listing ALL French communes. Be careful, the # in front of the names of the communes are not the postal codes, although they might look like it at first sight. As a first try, I have copied such a list (without the #'s, for which I do not see any use) at Communes of the Bouches-du-Rhône département. The word "commune" will need to be explained - Olivier

Finding information about the départements

Population: document in French: 1999 census, including population of regions, departements and cities of more 100,000 inhabitants. Caution: "Aires urbaines de plus de 50,000 habitants" doesn't give the population of the cities, but the population of the "urban area", the city and its surroundings. 1999 French census (http://www.dgcl.interieur.gouv.fr/publications/CL_en_chiffres/CL2001_ch01.pdf)

For more information: the "Conseil General" of the departements (their governing body) have harmonized the URLs of their websites. For instance, the URL of the Puy-de-Dôme Conseil General is: http://www.cg63.fr (note that 63 is the departement number).

Valuable information can also be found at: http://splaf.free.fr (in French)


Just the river

In some cases, the name is only shared between the departement and the river.

I suggest the following scheme of page names -- Tarquin

  • "Name" for the dept
  • "Name River" for the river.

With something like the following on the dept page:

Dordogne is a département of France, named after the Dordogne River.

How would the disambiguation be done in the case of the page name being "Name"? We would systematically need a link to the river in the article. That's an option. - Olivier

It avoids the use of brackets & therefore pipes. I figure most Dept/River pairs will refer to each other anyway. An opening sentence as above has the same function as an initial disambiguation block. -- Tarquin

Sounds good to me. - Olivier

Disambiguation log

The following departements have been disambiguated:

The following departements need disambiguation:

(which ones of these are only a department / river disambiguation? See proposal on page names above)

  • Ardennes - also a Belgian region and a chain of mountains
  • Ariege[?] - department / river disambiguation
  • Cantal - also a cheese
  • Dordogne - department / river disambiguation
  • Gard - department / river disambiguation
  • Gers - department / river disambiguation
  • Gironde - department / river disambiguation
  • Paris - we might want to distinguish the departement and the city?
  • Somme - department / river disambiguation
  • Vienne - department / river disambiguation
  • (and maybe others)

Other stuff

Any thoughts on how to do this? Eg:

I would tend to favor:

since "departement" alone is not very explicit for most readers.

I prefer Cher (departement) - when people already have to use pipes, keeping them short is a good thing. That it's not very explicit does not matter much - information should go into the article's text, not into its title. The title is only important when someone needs to create a link to the page. Andre Engels

Fine. - Olivier


The article should start with a good introduction, giving name of the department, location in France (south, north..., région), bordering sea, rivers, mountains and the like. Also, add a few facts about the departement, the things that it is known for, if applicable.

Next, there is a table with quick facts about the departement. A template for the table can be found at the bottom of this page. The contents are as follows:

  • The prefecture (capital)
  • The sous-prefectures
  • Land area: The area of the departement in sq km (and sq miles), in that order.
  • Inhabitants: The number of inhabitants; also include a year for this estimate.
  • Population density: The number of inhabitants per sq km and sq mile (please use the numbers used in the two previous entries).

The rest of the article should consists of a few short paragraphs. These paragraphs should give an outline of the history/politics/etc. of the departement and, if necessary, a link to a full article on them.


Don't forget to replace the "_" with the name of the article being converted. For the table, replace the X's with the proper information.
This temporary page is being used to expand and convert the article _ over to the new format currently being defined at WikiProject French departements. Please feel free to add or edit anything on this page to help in the conversion process.
Definition paragraph.

Departement name
Region abcd
Number xx
Préfecture Xxxxx
Sous-préfectures Xxxxx
 - Total
 - % water

xx,xxx km²
 - Total (Year)
 - Density


History Main article: History of _[?] (If applicable)

Geography Main article: Geography of _[?] (If applicable)

Main cities (other than préfecture and sous-préfectures)

Link: List of the communes of the department (The list can be found at Fr.Pedia. See the discussion about it above)

Economy Main article: Economy of _[?] (If applicable)


Culture Main article: Culture of _[?] (If applicable)


  • Languages spoken
  • Touristic highlights, touristic cities.

Miscellaneous topics

External links

List of pages & Convertion log

The "head" page: département, <= are you talking about the disambiguation here? The log for it is higher on this page.



In progress


Beyond the DOMs (départements d'outre-mer) there are also three "overseas territories" (French: territoires d'outre-mer, or TOM) that do not have this status:

Furthermore there are three separate territorial collectivities:

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