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Bryan Derksen is just some random guy who has become somewhat hooked by Wikipedia. His areas of interest and/or expertise include biology, computer science, astronomy, science fiction, and a scattering of all kinds of other stuff with little apparent connection. He has Bachelors in genetics and computer science. He gained sysop status in April 2002.

Current status: Active

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1 Incomplete list of stuff I've worked on

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Incomplete list of stuff I've worked on

This list is far from complete. I've put it here by request, to list articles that I've contributed to significantly and which I find interesting.

Fiction: Anthropomorphism Grue Lex Luthor Magneto Muppet Victor Von Doom Gallifrey Time Lord Sontaran Kryptonite Fraggle Rock Infocom Suspended

Myth: Actaeon Charybdis Circe Daedalus Lycanthropy Pan Sampo Sidehill Gouger Scylla Werewolf

Biology/chemistry: Amino acid Carbon chauvinism Flagellum Evolution of flagella Intron Exon Miller experiment Proteinoid RNA PNA Neoteny Countercurrent exchange Lung Umbilical cord Methane clathrate Clathrate hydrate Thermal depolymerization Photosynthesis Remora

Astronomy and space: Celestial body atmosphere Cruithne Dyson sphere Genetic code Space elevator MOOSE Heat shield Interstellar communication Sleeper ship Magnetic sail Variable specific impulse magnetoplasma rocket Impact event Fra Mauro KREEP Comet Shenzhou spacecraft Massive compact halo object Arecibo Gravitational binding energy

Star listing (most of the stars on here) Lunar mare Luna program (and specific mission pages) Zond program Ranger program Vega program Pioneer Venus project Viking program Nomad rover Magellan probe

Other sciencey stuff: Bose-Einstein condensate Clanking replicator Casimir effect Huygens principle Lincos Block time Mind transfer Whole-body transplant

Misc: Edmonton Exxon Flood Freenet Cardboard Plywood Bubble wrap Portland cement Reinforced concrete Masonry Masada Nagasaki Musical Chairs Mao (game) Cheyenne Mountain Maher Arar Habakkuk Sewage treatment N!xau The Gods Must Be Crazy Moammar Al Qadhafi Airbag

Rocks: Beryl Garnet Jet Spinel Topaz Tourmaline Ulexite Zircon

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