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Welcome to Wikipedia! May I call you "24" for short? Ed Poor
I have no problem with rewrites, they generally improve articles, but I have a big problem with people removing whole articles of relatively uncontroversial stuff that no one else has bothered to define or research at all. Also with people who assume that just because a political party advocates it, it must be somehow biased or wrong.

I am not a "vandal" and don't like that term. I'm getting used to the process here. I am not sure I like serious essays being labelled 'junk' by some golfer or geek.

It's not like I don't have a theory of what I'm doing. Check the entries in the meta defining ethics and NPOV itself. You might see where I'm coming from and why I think certain things are important and others might not be. I want my facts straight, but I don't want to see typo-corrections reversed by a clique of self-appointed gurus. What you need here is a consensus process.

Note: I extracted the above three quotes from the talk after moving all but my welcome to the talk page. Please forgive me if I have overstepped my bounds. -- Ed Poor, Wednesday, April 10, 2002
It is time to survey this users contributions. Here is the complete list as of June 19, 2002:

AYBABTU, Abstraction in object-oriented programming, Aesthetics, All your base are belong to us, All yuor base are belong to us, Anthropology, Anti-globalization movement, Arab-Israeli conflict, Artificial intelligence, Artificial selection, Assassin, Assassination market, Assassination markets, Assured destruction, Asymmetric warfare, Australopethicines,

Bank for International Settlements, Bank of Sweden Prize, Base, Basic English, Biodefense, Biomimicry, Biosafety, Biosafety protocol, Biosecurity, Biosecurity protocol, Biowar, Blue-Green Alliance, Blue-green money[?], Bodily harm, Bonobo, Britannica Public Domain,

Capability Maturity Model, Capital, Capitalism, Case based reasoning, Central Intelligence Agency, Chimp, Cognitive bias, Cognitive science of mathematics, Collective intelligence, Commodity markets, Commodity money, Conservation movement, Continental trading bloc, Cosmist, Currency,

Decentralisation, Discordianism,

Earth Liberation Front, Earthling, Eco-villages, Ecological selection, Ecology movement, Economics, Ecoregion, Ecoregional Democracy, Ecoregions, Electoral Reform, Electoral reform, Embodied philosophy, Empirical validation, Engrish, Environmental economics, Environmental finance, Environmental movement, Epigenetics, Ethical buying, Ethical purchasing, Ethical sourcing, Ethics, Euler's Identity, Euler's identity, Evolution of societies,

Factors of production, Fair trade, Falsifiability, Fiat money, Financial capital, First Nations, Foundation ontology, Four Pillars, Four Pillars of the Green Party, Freedom fighter, Fun,

GNE Project Files/Proposed GNU Moderation System, Gaia Theory, Gaia hypothesis, Gaia theory, Gaians, Game theory, George Lakoff, Gerry-mandering, Gerrymandering, Gold standard, Great Apes, Great ape, Green Movement, Green Parties, Green Party, Green economics, Green economist, Green money, Green party, Greens, Gulf War, Gulliver's Travels,

Hominids, Human capital, Human resources,

Indigenous Peoples, Indigenous peoples, Individual capital, Infrastructural capital, Infrastructure bias, Insanity defense, Instructional capital, Intellectual capital, International Monetary Fund, Internet troll,

Jane Goodall, Jean Jaures, Jimbo Wales/Why I oppose a cabal, John Stuart Mill,

Knights Templar,

Let's Roll, Liane Gabora, Libertarian survivalists, Lynn Margulis,

MAD Magazine, Manufactured capital, Maoism, Means of production, Measuring well-being, Mediation, Meme, Mental illness (alphabetical list), Metadata, Microsoft, Military fiat, Money, Moral boycott, Moral buying, Moral core, Moral purchasing, Moral relativism, Morality, Morals, Move 'zig', Move zig, Mutual Assured Destruction, Mutually assured destruction,

NGO, Napoleonic Code, Natural Capitalism, Natural capital, Natural capitalism, Natural resources, Natural selection, Nearctic, Neoclassical economics, Neotropic, Neutral Point of View, New tribalists, No problem, Nobel Prize in Economics, Numerology,

Object-oriented programming, Ontological distinction, Ontology, Orang-utan, Organized Green Party,

Particle physics, Particle physics foundation ontology, Peace movement, Philosophical Movements, Philosophy of action, Philosophy of mathematics, Physical capital, Political ecologists, Political economy, Political science, Postmodernism, Property damage, Protoscience,

Radical Party, Rape, Red-Green Alliance, Relativism, Resource economics, Risk, Robot,

Sacred geometry, Safe trade, Schema, Second-order desire, Seven deadly sins, Sexual selection, Singularity, Smart growth, Social Democrats, Social capital, Stock market index, Swedish Bank Prize,

Ten Key Values of the Green Party, Terran, Terrestrial ecoregions, Terrist, Terrorism, The most remarkable formula in the world, Theology, Theory of everything, Tiger Woods, Transhumanism,

U.S. Green Party, user:Ed Poor, user:Gianfranco, user:The Cunctator/How to destroy Wikipedia, user:Vicki Rosenzweig,

Value theory, Viral license, Viral memes, Virtual management,

Wikipedia, wikipedia:Bug reports, wikipedia:Natural point of view, wikipedia:Neutral point of view, wikipedia:Rules to consider, wikipedia:Standards for disambiguating pages, Wikipedia commentary/Responses to How to Build Wikipedia, Avoid Cabals, Wikipedia commentary/Responses to How to Build Wikipedia, Be Respectful but Firm, Wikipedia utilities/Page titles to be deleted, Wikipedia utilities/Pages needing attention, Wikipedians, Wikipediholic, Wikipediholic/Confessed wikipediholics, Words that should not be used in wikipedia articles, World peace, Worldwide Green Parties,

Yasser Arafat,

Zero Wing

Apparently someone believes that '24' is one person, acting on their own, and has apparently attached a real person's name to various 24 contributions. Is that ethical? How are such claims to be evaluated here? Are all others who contribute anonymously subject to such 'outing'? Also, the articles above have been extensively edited by others, often integrating multiple texts, and it's often unreasonable to assert that 24's influence on that article was dominant or even important. If one is to take an IP number and assign it the same name as some human body, God help us is someone decides to assign responsibility for everything that comes through the AOL proxy...

User 24 has been banned from Wikipedia for threatening another contributor. He keeps writing under changing IP numbers generally in the 142.177.* range. Examples of his work can be found in the page histories of articles like

conceptual metaphor, Foundations of mathematics, Genocide, Great Ape personhood, intermediate technology, mathematical practice, Persuasion technology, Scientism, Technology, Uneconomic growth

The same user is also quite active on Meta (http://meta.wikipedia.org), contributing to pages such as m:Governance, m:History of Wikipedia, m:Future of Wikipedia, m:Best casees, m:Talk:Larry Sanger and many others.

AxelBoldt 18:29 Apr 21, 2003 (UTC)

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