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Greens are members of the peace movement and/or the ecology movement, and/or the feminist movement[?], and who support some or all of goals of a Green Party without necessarily working with or voting for that or any party.

Some consider themselves to be part of a globally-organized Green Movement. But others do not clearly share a commitment all of the Four Pillars that most Greens accept as their basis of unity.

A small sample of the factions or tendencies that exist on the movement's fringe:

Pacifist Greens[?] are those who reject violence entirely, even that done by laws and votes, and do not generally support even simple Electoral Reform. They may support an NGO such as Greenpeace, or more radical groups engaged in destruction of property that propagates violence.

Deep Greens[?] follow the ascetic ethics of Spinoza, Mohandas Gandhi and indigenous peoples. They are usually rural people who prefer wild to "tamed" living. Cf. also the ideology of deep ecology.

Wild Greens[?] are a youth movement of New Zealand Greens[?], committed to direct action and taking bodily risks to protect nature.

Viridian Greens are a more artistic movement in the U.S., originated by science fiction writer Bruce Sterling, and have fewer objections to media or technology. They are usually urban people.

Soylent Greens are more nihilistic, and employ reverse psychology[?] for purposes of culture jamming. They often alternate wild and urban modes - and are generally very secretive. They also accept the label Terrists.

'greens' in games

Small-g "greens" are also the surfaces upon which the game of bowls is played, and the area immediately around the hole in the game of golf.

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