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Two-letter English word

The English language contains various two-letter words. Here is a short list of such words. Some of these words are debatable, because they are archaic, slang, or proper names.

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Many two-letter words are abbreviations of longer words. They are frequently slang or informal words.

  • ab -- an abdominal muscle (slang)
  • ad -- advertisement
  • ag -- pertaining to agriculture
  • bi -- bisexual (slang)
  • ec -- economics (especially after "home")
  • ed -- education (informal); also editor
  • ep -- episode (slang)
  • eq -- equalizer (for music recording)
  • mo -- moment
  • op -- operator (slang); also operation; opportunity (as in photo op); optical (as in op art); or opinion (as in op-ed)
  • Oz -- nickname for the land of Australia
  • ph -- pH (potential for hydrogen; power of hydrogen) a measure of acidity
  • 'za -- an abbreviation from the end of pizza

Other Words

Two-word Phrases

Several more of our two-letter words exist as parts of set phrases.

  • ao -- in ao dai (the Vietnamese garment)
  • et -- in et cetera
  • id -- in id est (the expanded form of i.e.)
  • la -- in sao la, a Vietnamese ox of the genus Pseudoryx, first discovered in the 1990s
  • pu -- repeated twice in pu pu platter
  • se -- from per se
  • vu -- as in déjà vu

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These sorts of lists are useful for some letter games, such as crossword puzzles or anagrams, or in word games, such as Scrabble. Internal Links

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