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Egyptian mythology In Egyptian mythology, Nu is the personification of the ocean which encircled the entire world. He was an ancient god, even from before Ra, who emerged from Nu. He was part of the Ogdoad at Hermopolis[?] and the husband of Naunet.

Alternative: Nun

Greek letter Nu is a letter in the Greek alphabet: lowercase ν, uppercase Ν.

Ethnic group Nu is one of the 56 ethnic groups officially recognized by the People's Republic of China.


  • Written Ν and ν (or for older browsers, approximately "N" and "v")
  • "NU" is the ISO 3166-1 two-letter country code for Niue.
  • In Canada "NU" represents the postal designation for the territory of Nunavut.


Also used as a short form of new, as in Nu Metal[?], Nu Jazz[?], and Nupedia (as well as being a pun of GNU).

For multilingual definitions of Nu, see wiktionary:nu.

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