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List of subnational name etymologies

Here is a collection of the etymology of the names of subnational entities for the convenience of interested reader who then would not have to go into each individual place's article to find out the word origin. (See also: List of country name etymologies)

  • Britain
    • Alba (Scotland) 'highland' from the Latin albus, 'white' as in mountains.
    • England - from pre-5th-century Latin/Low German Angli, a people from an angle- or corner-shaped land (now Schleswig in Germany).
    • Gibraltar - from Arabic "djebl al-Tarik" -> "Tarik's rock" because this is where the Arabic general Tarik started his conquest of the Iberian peninsula in 711.
    • Wales - "land of the foreigners", from the Germanic 'welsche' the term used by Anglo-Saxon invaders of the Britsh Isles for the native Celts the encountered. The Welsh native toponym "Cymraig" meant "land of the people". Several areas in Europe were named by the ancient Germans in the same way, the term used only for places inhabited by poeples of Celtic or Latin descent, including "Wallonia" in Belgium, "Valais" (in Switzerland), and the archaic "Welschenland" a term for Italy.

  • Egypt
    • Kemt[?] - "land of the black (mud of the Nile, or people)".

  • Netherlands
    • Holland - (Germanic) - 'wooded land' (often incorrectly regarded as meaning 'hollow land')
    • Batavia - (Germanic) - 'arable land'

See also; Placename etymology

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