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List of fictional cats

Cats have often been used as characters in literature and in other forms of media.

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Legendary, Mythological and Fairytale Cats

Cats in Literature

Cats in Film

Cats in Television

Cats in Animation, Comics, Puppetry

Cats in Computer Games

Cats in Song

  • "The Cat Came Back" (1893) by Harry S. Miller, tells of futile attempts to get rid of a big yellow cat:
But the cat came back the very next day.
The cat came back. They thought it was a goner,
But the cat came back; it just wouldn't stay away.
  • "Cat Black, the Wizard's Hat" by T. Rex
  • "I Am Your Pussy" by Gong

Cats in Science

  • Schrödinger's cat, hapless victim (or lucky survivor) of a thought experiment by Erwin Schrödinger illustrating the incompleteness of the theory of quantum mechanics (although Schrödinger himself is historical, the cat is the protagonist in a thought experiment and thus fictional)

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