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Itchy and Scratchy is a fictional television cartoon show within the television cartoon show The Simpsons. It depicts a cat (Scratchy) and mouse (Itchy) continually attacking and mutilating each other with all sorts of deadly weapons.

"Itchy & Scratchy" is parody of the Tom and Jerry cartoon series (especially the very violent ones which were made during World War II); it is also satire on violence in television programmes aimed at children. Bart and Lisa find the show's extreme violence hilarious, but in one episode their younger sister Maggie imitates the cartoon characters and hits her father Homer on the head.

The fictional series has supposedly been in continuous production since early in the 20th century, first for theater release and then for television. Older Itchy and Scratchy cartoons are occasionally shown satirizing other aspects of early animation; for example a cartoon is shown in one episode of The Simpsons which closely resembles the early Mickey Mouse cartoon "Steamboat Willie".

Itchy and Scratchy is a TV show within a TV show ("Krusty the Clown") within a TV show ("The Simpsons") that itself started as a show within a TV show ("The Tracey Ullman Show").

Lyrics to the Theme Song

 They fight,
 And bite,
 They fight and bite and fight!
 Fight fight fight, bite bite bite,
 The Itchy and Scratchy Show!

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