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September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack/Slogans and terms

Various terms and catchphrases

from the recovery workers:

  • Ground Zero the area of the disaster recovery effort, covering Lower Manhattan around the site of the World Trade Center complex
  • the pile the million-ton pile of rubble of the collapsed World Trade Center towers
  • the pit the excavated foundations of the World Trade Center
Media slogans

Various slogans and captions appeared on various media to brand coverage of the terrorist attack, its after-effects, and the response. The slogans for United States media appeared on the bottom of the television screen, in an patriotic red, white, and blue motif, sometimes with an explicit graphic of the American flag.


  • "America Attacked", "A Nation United" (ABC)
  • "Attack on America", "A Nation Challenged", "Day of Terror", "Portraits of Grief" (The New York Times)
  • "America's New War", "War Against Terror" (CNN)
  • "War on Terror" (Fox News)
  • "America on Alert" (MSNBC)

The Onion parodied this phenomenon with their own slogan, "Holy Fucking Shit: Attack On America" and a fake TV schedule parodying the coverage.

US government

  • Enduring Freedom name for US-led military response
  • Infinite Justice original name for US-led military response, dropped after religious overtones were pointed out by a reporter at a press briefing

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