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Ottoman Empire

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The Ottoman Empire (sometimes referred to in diplomatic circles as the "Sublime Port" or simply as "the Porte") comprised a state established by the Turkish tribe of Söğüt in western Anatolia in the early 14th century. The founder was Osman I (in Arabic ʿUthmān, hence the name Ottoman Empire). As sultan Mehmed II conquered Constantinople (Istanbul) in 1453, and the state grew into a mighty empire. The Empire reached its apex under Suleiman the Magnificent in the 16th century when it stretched from the Persian Gulf in the east to Hungary in the northwest; and from Egypt in the south to the Caucasus in the north.

In the 17th century the Ottoman Empire began a long decline, which ended four years after the defeat of the empire by the Allies in World War I.

The following were the sultans of the Ottoman Empire:

See also: Evliya Celebi, Osmanli, Janissary

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