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List of Finnish rulers

This is a list of Finnish rulers, that is, the Kings, ruling Dukes and Queens of Sweden with Regents and Viceroys of the Kalmar Union, the Grand dukes of Finland (Tsars of Russia), up to the short lived dream of the Kingdom of Finland at independence in 1917. This includes:

  • The Swedish kingdom (from the Swedish expansion in Finland) (1154-1389)
    • The Union of the Swedish and Norwegian kingdoms (1319-1343)
  • The Kalmar Union (the United Kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden) (1389-1523)
  • The Kingdom of Sweden (Sweden-Finland) (1523-1809)
  • The Grand Duchy of Finland (in the Russian Empire) (1809-1917)
  • The Kingdom of Finland (1917-1918) (Superseded by the Republic of Finland)

Swedish influence in Finland was considerable in pre-Christian times. The Vikings were known to Finns both due to their participation in commerce and plundering. Finland's nearly 700-year association with the Kingdom of Sweden began in 1154 with the introduction of Christianity by King Eric IX of Sweden[?] (Saint Eric).

Finnish rulers
The Houses of Sverker[?] (S) and Eric[?] (E)
Sverker I of Sweden[?]Sverker den äldre (S)1130-1156
Eric IX of Sweden[?] (Saint Eric)Erik den helige (E)1156-1160
Charles VII of Sweden[?]Karl Sverkersson (S)1160-1167
Canute I of Sweden[?]Knut Eriksson (E)1167-1195
Sverker II of Sweden[?]Sverker den yngre Karlsson (S)1196-1208
Eric X of Sweden[?]Erik Knutsson (E)1208-1216
John I of Sweden[?]Johan Sverkersson (S)1216-1222
Eric XI of SwedenErik Eriksson (E)1222-1229
Canute II of SwedenKnut Långe1229-1234
Eric XII of SwedenErik Eriksson (E)1234-1250
The House of Folkung[?]
Valdemar of Sweden[?]Valdemar Birgersson1250-1275
Magnus I of SwedenMagnus Ladulås1275-1290
Birger of Sweden[?]Birger Magnusson1290-1318
Magnus II of SwedenMagnus Eriksson1319-1364
Albert of MecklenburgAlbrekt av Mecklenburg (Albrecht von Mecklenburg)1363-1389
Regents of the Kalmar Union and Viceroys (Riksföreståndare)
Margaret I of SwedenMargareta (Kung Byxlös)1389-1412
Eric of PomeraniaErik av Pommern1396-1439
Charles VIII of SwedenKarl Knutsson Bonde1438-1440
Christopher of BavariaKristoffer av Bayern1441-1448
Viceroys Jönsson OxenstiernaBengt and Nils Jönsson Oxenstierna1448
Charles VIII of SwedenKarl Knutsson Bonde1448-1457
Viceroys Oxenstierna and TottJöns Bengtsson Oxenstierna and Erik Axelsson Tott1457
Christian I of SwedenKristian I1457-1464
Viceroy Kettil VasaKettil Karlsson Vasa1465
Charles VIII of SwedenKarl Knutsson Bonde1464-1465
Viceroy Kettil VasaKettil Karlsson Vasa1465
Viceroy John OxenstiernaJöns Bengtsson Oxenstierna1465-1466
Viceroy Eric TottErik Axelsson Tott1466-1467
Charles VIII of SwedenKarl Knutsson Bonde1467-1470
Viceroy Sten Sture the elderSten Sture den äldre1470-1497
John II of SwedenHans (Johan II)1497-1501
Viceroy Sten Sture the elderSten Sture den äldre1501-1503
Viceroy Svante StureSvante Nilsson Sture1504-1511
Viceroy Eric TrolleErik Trolle1512
Viceroy Sten Sture the youngerSten Sture den yngre1512-1520
Christian II of SwedenKristian II (Kristian Tyrann)1520-1521
The House of Vasa
Gustav I of SwedenGustav Vasa1521-1555
Duke John of FinlandHertig Johan (Johan III)1556-1563
Eric XIV of SwedenErik XIV1560-1568
John III of SwedenJohan III1568-1592
Sigismund I of SwedenSigismund1592-1599
Charles IX of SwedenKarl IX1599-1611
Gustav Adolphus the GreatGustaf II Adolf den store1611-1632
Christina of SwedenKristina1632-1654
The House of Palatinate[?]
Charles X Gustav of SwedenKarl X Gustav1654-1660
Charles XI of SwedenKarl XI1660-1697
Charles XII of SwedenKarl XII1697-1718
Ulrike Eleonora of SwedenUlrika Eleonora1719-1720
The House of Hesse
Frederick I of SwedenFredrik I1720-1751
The House of Holstein-Gottorp[?]
Adolf Frederick of SwedenAdolf Fredrik1751-1771
Gustav III of SwedenGustav III1771-1792
Gustav IV Adolf of SwedenGustav IV Adolf1792-1809
The House of Romanov
Alexander I of RussiaAleksandr I1809-1825
Nicholas I of RussiaNikolay I1825-1855
Alexander II of RussiaAleksandr II1855-1881
Alexander III of RussiaAleksandr III1881-1894
Nicholas II of RussiaNikolay II1894-1917
The House of Hesse
Väinö I of Finland (Elected)Friedrich Karl von Hessen1918

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