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Wikipedians from Oregon, USA

If you list yourself here, please also list yourself on the complete alphabetical listing.

Entries are in alphabetical order sorted on first name basis. Please place detailed biographical information on your home page. (Editor's Note: This request was inserted after user:Swatiananda[?]'s entry below. I will go now and drop her a polite request to review this page. user:mirwin) Remember, Wikipedia is a participatory sport. Help us draft the oregon trail manifesto either here on our working front page or (as we get more public polish) on the associated talk page. For really radical thoughts regarding the structure of Wikipedia itself or editorial policy, pitch in at http://meta.wikipedia.com where structural and community design discussion takes place.

Draft local Manifest Destiny update: When we; the free thinking Americans of the State of Oregon, practical intellectuals all, heirs of the Oregon Trail, new settlers in the NeoSphere (???? fix spelling before inserting article title of NuSphere, ref Eric Raymond) node of Wikipedia; arrive en masse to demonstrate collaborative pioneering skills have not yet vanished from the American Spirit[?]..... What? Please insert your thoughts here or somewhere nearby ....

We can start some city, county, and special interest lists and/or some chaotically self chosen teams to participate in activities designed to celebrate our individual and collective achievements contributing here.

or ... in honor of Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia[?] the creation of a useful free resource which will propagate and evolve into myriads of useful educational tools for all the clans of man and their common posterity.

Current List of Participating Oregonians

Alan Millar

Alexander Ruscle[?], Reedsport.

BryceHarrington - I am one of the original Wikipedians and chose Oregon history as my area of focus, and have made it a mission to make the Oregon page and all of its links full of good historical stuff -- *long* articles, not just stubs. I wrote the articles on Astoria, Eugene, Lake Oswego, Tigard, Gladstone, Oregon City, and the Cascade Mountain Range, among others. I also like working on the various pages on Lewis and Clark, Native Americans, the fur trade[?], and the Oregon Trail. Today I wrote the article on Manifest Destiny. :-)

Geoff Burling, native Portlander. I thought I had a link here, but maybe I forgot to save my edit . . .

Michael R. Irwin from Coquille, Coos County. Coquille H.S. Class of 79, Valedictorian.

Len Bounds of Salem going by username Dmsar. I happen to think that making stubs is a good thing. It adds some knowledge while perhaps triggering someone to fill in the details and add to the collective sentience. IMHO.


Quickbeam from Corvallis

user:Swatiananda[?] I live here on the south coast of Oregon, hidden away in the mossy forest. I am a practicing Siddha Yogini, a blend of Vendanta and Shaivism, but also include in my background a bit of study in Tao, Buddhism, Yogananda, Zen, American Indian, and new-age stuff. I read a lot of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, but am also into reading bios of saints, Ken Wilbur, Science Digest, and almost anything cutting edge that isn't about electronics.

I am also a writer, doing poems, ballads (I sing), children's stories, "teaching" tales, and insightful non-fiction pieces. I have a text book out that combines the fields of color therapy, astrology, groking, and the ancient lore on the healing qualities of gemstones.

I make my living as a seamstress and also practice tonal healing (singing a note to alter the body's energy field when a person is having difficulty healing easily.)

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