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Hello. Self-publicity is a fine thing on your own user page. I'm glad you found it. Look forward to seeing other contributions from you. Deb 16:54 Apr 11, 2003 (UTC)

Jfitzg, I am curious about your claim that SARS has had no racial effects is falsifiable whereas, say, SARS has had racial effects is not. Is your basis for this that the former is a universal claim while the latter is an existential claim, and that, whereas a single counterexample could thus prove the first wrong, someone could defend the second even in face of almost innumerable counterexamples, on the grounds that "you just haven't found it yet"? If so, would you extend this same reasoning about falsifiablility to all pairs of universal/existential claims, or is there something special about this race issue? Or is all this putting words in your mouth? -Ryguasu 04:03 Apr 16, 2003 (UTC)

Hey, thanks for your help with the London page. It still needs a lot of work. Can you please put comments whenever you edit the page? This is actually one of the things recommended in the Wikipedia-Etiquette page. That saves me from having to look at the history page to find out exactly what you added/changed. Thanks. dave 22:42 Apr 23, 2003 (UTC)

Hi, John. Please write complete sentences. Your Ribot article needs work. -- Zoe

and Dan Patch needs full sentences, too. -- Zoe

And race horses too.Jacques Delson

Thanks. We're trying to present a unified appearance, and that's one of the standards. -- Zoe

I think it might be spelled "Matt's Scooter" ?Jacques Delson

One knows they are getting old when they can say they saw Bret Hanover beat Bye Bye Byrd at Blue Bonnets in 1958. Jacques Delson

Sorry, age again. It was Adios Butler, not Bret Hanover but I did see Bret Hanover at Blue Bonnets too when he was touring.

Don't know if you have found the "List of years in literature" stuff, but I added Vailland's Prix Goncourt winning book in 1957.

Do you suppose there are very many guys leaning on the rail (probably ripping up a handful of tickets) who are discussing Trollope and friends? Jacques Delson

I've forgotten about harness racing for so long that I never of Precious Bunny. Quite a horse. Check the name there. Which way is it spelled? Stiut or Stout?Jacques Delson

I'm Chairman of the can't spell Club. Re the horse Stout: If you have any name that is probably applied to something else, try this: "Stout (horse)|Stout" (inset usual brackets). Am working to set up the pages for the annual events in sports. Used 2002 in sports as a test. Once it is finalized then slowly I'll start to do the poast 100 or so years. If you're interested, maybe once thgey are all set up you could work here and there inserting the horsze racing stuff. Jacques Delson

See Talk:Binswanger's disease -- Tarquin

Sorry, Fitz, your Reinforcement article is over my head. Eek! -- Zoe

Your definition of null hypothesis is bizarre. Some null hypotheses match that description, but most do not. Michael Hardy 22:23 2 Jun 2003 (UTC)

I finally checked what I had written, and you're right. It's bizarre. Don't know what was in my tiny little mind. My tiny little mind thought I had fixed the definition, too. I think I need a long rest. Thanks for the changes.

After further consideration, I don't know that most null hypotheses were ignored by the original definition, nor do I think that anyone knows whether they were or not. That's not to argue that the original definition was comprehensive, but I'm starting to reconsider my opinion that bizarre is a fair description. But I'm still grateful for the shock created by bizarre. Got me thinking.

Hi, about London, CFPL radio is owned by Corus Entertainment, but CFPL TV is owned by CHUM. I just looked that up because I wasn't sure myself...I'll add that to the article. Thanks! Adam Bishop 16:58 13 Jun 2003 (UTC)

Do you want to add a link to User:Trontonian, if that's the more recent account? Martin

surely "outbreak", not "outburst"? :)

an outbreak would be more general, wouldn't it?

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