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"Ryguasu" means "hen" (i.e. "chicken") in Guarani, a South American language I used to know a little bit of. Arguably a stupid name, it has the advantage that just about nobody on Earth except me has a desire to claim it as "theirs".

My real name is Chris. I am a 22-year-old citizen of the United States, where I was born and where I reside. I am currently a computer science and/or cognitive science concentrator at Brown University.

My interests, as far as wikipedia is concerned, mainly concern thought and language, and how a number of fields -- including linguistics, logic, mathematics -- are grounded in how humans think. In this vein, I think wikipedia articles on technical subjects should not just reduce fields to their first premises (if that's even possible), but also explain why those premises make any sense, and what they relate to.

I think very few of my contributions to wikipedia thus far have actually had anything to do with "my interests, as far as wikipedia is concerned." Articles I have been involved with include:

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I might someday incorporate these into wikipedia articles:

Notes to self

  • The deconstruction of mental illness is necessarily a high-priority task for postmodernism; if it fails, then the biological roots of mind/soul become more firmly established than postmodernism would care to admit.

Articles that need improvement

I don't really know how to fix these, but I can try to explain why I don't like them, if you're interested.

See Ryguasu/basic processes.

To reexamine

Ways Wikipedia is strange

Wow. There are pages for particular computer jokes:

Conflicting theories

user:Ryguasu/conversion script AI

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