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Terran (StarCraft)

Terran is one of the three fictional races in the computer game StarCraft.

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Main plotline attributes

  • Basically the same as humans of the 21st century, but they are slowly evolving into a psionically potent race.

Gameplay attributes:

  • Average cost
  • Average power
  • Very high adaptability; only race without location restrictions
  • Moderately efficient building method
  • The SCV unit (the basic worker) can repair buildings and mechanical units such as the Battleship. The Medic (only in the Brood War[?] expansion) can heal the non-mechanical units.

Notable spells:

  • EMP Shockwave[?] - This is a Science Vessel spell; it drains the target of energy and, on Protoss units, destroys the shields. This makes the Science Vessel extremely effective against Protoss units, especially those like the Archons who have great shield defense but few hit points.
  • Nuke[?] - This requires a nuclear missile to be built in a special building; then a Ghost can "paint" a target for the nuke. After a short time the missile lands, doing massive damage to all nearby units and buildings. Typically, all units in the blast area are destroyed, while buildings are left standing but heavily damaged. If the Ghost does not run away after painting, it is killed unless it has the ocular implants, in which case it can guide the missile to its target while standing out of range of the blast. While the Ghost is painting, it can't move, attack or cast other spells; however, it can remain cloaked if it was cloaked before the nuke was launched.



  • SCV - (Space Construction Vessel) worker. The SCV is considered both human and mechanical; that is, it can be either repaired by another SCV or healed by a medic.
  • Marine - basic attack unit, can attack land and air units.
  • Firebat - attacks only land units, doing splash damage; splash does not hurt friendly units.
  • Goliath - robotic attack unit, attacks air and land units, though damaging the air units more.
  • Siege Tank - can change from "Tank" mode to "Siege" mode, making it a stationary long range heavy artillery piece, and back to "Tank" mode again to move.
  • Vulture - can lay mines, max 3 per Vulture; with speed upgrade it has the fastest movement.
  • Medic - can heal units and cure special effects (e.g. parasite) (Brood War[?] only).
  • Ghost - spellcaster, can engage stealth (in stealth mode energy slowly drains); can "Lockdown[?]" enemy mechanical units, essentially immobilizing them for a limited time; can "paint" targets to launch nuclear missiles[?].


  • Valkyrie - attacks only air units (Brood War[?] only).
  • Wraith - can engage Cloak[?], attacks air and land units, though the attack agains air units is considerably stronger
  • Battlecruiser - can be outfitted with Yamato cannons, can attack air and land units
  • Science Vessel - spellcaster, no regular weapon. can detect cloaked enemy units in its vicinity; can place a "defensive grid matrix" around other units, including other Science Vessels, but not itself, which functions as an extra shield for a limited time; or can fire an EMP shockwave to drain all buildings and units of power that are in a given area; can "irradiate" a unit, causing non-mechanical units to slowly lose hit points until they die; also damages non-mechanical units near the targeted unit.
  • Dropship - flying transport, no attack


Basic buildings

Advanced buildings

Unlike the buildings of other races, most Terran buildings are mobile; they can lift off, fly slowly, and land elsewhere. If the building has an add-on, the add-on is left behind.

See also: Protoss (StarCraft), Zerg (StarCraft)

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