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Protoss (StarCraft)

Protoss is a race in Blizzard Entertainment's PC real-time-strategy game, StarCraft. The main plotline attributes are:
  • Very advanced, relying mainly on Psi and powerful cybernetic technology.
  • Main opponents of the Zerg.
  • Religious; for example, the basic military unit is the Zealot. The Protoss follow a strict code known as the Khala[?].

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Gameplay attributes

  • High cost per unit produced
  • High unit power
  • Very powerful spells (the Psi Storm is often referred to as the "most powerful damaging spell in the game.")
  • Only race with "shields". All Protoss units (including buildings) have shields; when damaged, shields regenerate over time, even faster than Zerg units heal. Shields, however, always take full damage (see Damage types.) Shields are instantly drained by the Terran Science Vessel's EMP[?] spell. Shields can be regenerated almost instantly by the Protoss Shield Battery[?] structure.
  • Fastest building method, moderate building location restrictions



  • Probe[?] - builder unit
  • Zealot
  • Dragoon
  • Reaver - Requires Scarabs to be built inside it
  • High Templar -spellcaster, no non-spell attack
  • Archon - Archons are created when two High Templar merge. They have a powerful ranged attack that deals splash damage, and can take a strong beating with 350 shield points. However, they only have 10 hit points, so an EMP will bring them to near-death. Archons are immune to Irradiate, and are almost unaffected by Plague (it lowers their HP to 1 without damaging their shields.) They can be upgraded for higher damage and stronger armor and shields. Archons are great melee units.
  • Dark Templar[?] - stealth unit. (Brood War[?] only)
  • Dark Archon[?] - spellcaster, no non-spell attack, formed from two Dark Templar[?] (Brood War[?] only)


  • Shuttle[?] - flying transport unit
  • Scout[?]
  • Corsair[?] - spellcaster (Brood War[?] only)
  • Arbiter[?] - spellcaster; all nearby units except other Arbiters become stealthed
  • Carrier - heavy air unit. It has a unique one in the film clips, the Gantrithor, and requires that 25 Mineral interceptors be built inside of it. At first it can hold 4, but after an upgrade at the fleet beacon, it can hold 8. It also has the longest range of any Protoss unit, comparable with the Terran Siege Tank, and the Zerg Guardian.
  • Observer[?] - flying stealthed scouting unit. No attacks or spells.


Basic buildings

Advanced Buildings

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