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Zerg (StarCraft)

The Zerg is a race in Blizzard Entertainment's popular PC real-time-strategy game, StarCraft. Main plotline attributes: Created by the Xel'Naga in an experiment after the Protoss experiment failed. They are a purely biological race (using no machinery) that uses genetic modifications to create new subspecies. All Zerg are directly subject to the will of the Overmind; it is a biological impossibility for them to oppose its directives. Cerebrates (smaller brains) control various sectors, with Overlords under their command. The warriors and workers are mostly mindless; without the overlords and cerebrates they lose purpose and quickly die. Even their buildings are living organisms.

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Main gameplay attributes Low cost per unit produced. Low unit power. The Zerg units (and buildings) automatically heal over time. Also, most of the land units have the unique "burrow" ability; this is a very effective way to set up an ambush. Burrowed units can only be harmed by some types of damage (ie Psi Storm) but cannot attack, move or cast spells. One exception is the Lurker, which can only attack when burrowed.

Two spells in particular stand out:

  • "consume", a Defiler spell. It destroys a targetted unit of your own army and partly restores the energy (required to cast spells) of the caster. Because of the very low unit cost, the Defilers can recharge instantly almost for free. Other races must wait for the energy to replenish over time.
  • "spawn broodling", a Queen spell. It destroys the targetted unit almost instantly and creates small, very low-health units called Broodlings that are used mainly for scouting purposes.

Least efficient building method, extreme building restrictions. (note: on some StarCraft maps[?] the restriction is nearly eliminated.)



  • Drone - worker
  • Zergling
  • Hydralis - distance attack
  • Lurker - morphs from Hydralisk
  • Defiler - spellcaster, no non-spell attack
  • Ultralisk
  • Broodling - special unit, see "Spawn Broodling" in general attributes above.


  • Overlord - flying transport unit. A certain minimum overlord/unit ratio is required. The Overlord is much like the Terran Supply Depots, but it can learn a dropship capability and detector capability, which make it a very useful ship.
  • Mutalisk - distance attack
  • Devourer - can only attack air-to-air. Morphs from Mutalisk.
  • Guardian - can only attack air-to-ground. Morphs from Mutalisk.
  • Queen - spellcaster, no non-spell attack


Basic buildings

  • Hatchery
  • Extractor
  • Evolution Chamber
  • Creep Colony
  • Spawning Pool
  • Spore Colony
  • Sunken Colony
  • Hydralisk Den

Advanced buildings

  • Lair
  • Spire
  • Queen's Nest
  • Greater Spire
  • Hive
  • Nydus Canal
  • Defiler Mound
  • Ultralisk Cavern

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