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The Republic of Belarus is a landlocked nation of Eastern Europe, capital Minsk. "Belarus" is also spelled "Belorussia", "Byelorussia", and other ways, but the present government prefers "Belarus". Historically Belarus was sometimes referred to in English as "White Russia".

Беларус (Belarus)
coat of arms
(In Detail) (Full size)
National motto: Xxxxx
Official languages Belarusian, Russian
Capital Minsk
President Aleksandr Lukashenko
Prime Minister Henadz Navitski[?]
President (in Exile) Ivonka Survilla[?]
 - Total
 - % water
Ranked 84th
207,600 km²
xx% / Negligible
 - Total (2002)
 - Density
Ranked 74th
 - Declared
 - Recognised
(Event Xxxx)
Currency Belarusian Rouble
Time zone UTC +2
National anthem My Bielarusy
Internet TLD.BY
Calling Code375

Table of contents

History Main article: History of Belarus

Politics Main article: Politics of Belarus

Voblastsi Main article: Voblastsi of Belarus[?]

Belarus is divided into 6 voblastsi (singular - voblasts') and one municipality* (harady, singular - horad):

Brestskaya (Brest), Homyel'skaya[?] (Homyel'), Horad Minsk*, Hrodzyenskaya (Hrodna), Mahilyowskaya[?] (Mahilyow), Minskaya, Vitsyebskaya[?] (Vitsyebsk)

Note: voblasti have the administrative center name following in parentheses

Geography Main article: Geography of Belarus

List of cities in Belarus

Economy Main article: Economy of Belarus

Demographics Main article: Demographics of Belarus

Culture Main article: Culture of Belarus[?]

Belarusian language

DateEnglish NameLocal NameRemarks
January 1New YearNovy Hod
January 7Orthodox Christmas
January 14Orthodox New Year
March 8International Women's Day
March 15Constitution DayAdopted in 1994
May 1International Labor Day
May 9Victory DayDenotes the victory against Germany in World War II
July 3Independence Day
December 25Catholic Christmas
MovableCatholic Easter
MovableOrthodox Easter
9 days after Orthodox EasterCommemoration Day Radunitsa

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