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Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is the eastern part of the European continent.

Current definition Today, the term Eastern Europe is often used to designate the European countries under (former) communist regimes. Many of these countries are influenced by roman-catholic or protestant christianity and have very close historical and cultural ties to Germany, Italy, France or Scandinavia (e.g. the Hanseatic league in the Baltics). Their populations do not see themselves as Eastern Europeans. The countries normally meant by this definition are:

Prior to the Reunification of Germany, East Germany was often described as an Eastern European country. See also: Central Europe

Previous definition

Before 1945, the countries considered part of Eastern Europe were:

They are historically descendants of the Kiev Empire (Kievan Rus) and culturally very much influenced by orthodox christianity. During the centuries all of those countries mainly stayed under Russian control, while the southernmore orthodox countries (e.g. Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria) came under Ottoman rule. These latter countries are many times referred to as part of Southeastern Europe or the Balkans.

See also: Northeastern Europe

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