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Marketing plan

A Marketing Plan is a written document that details the actions necessary to acheive a specified marketing objective(s). It can be for a product or service, a brand, or a product line. It can cover one year (referred to as an annual marketing plan), or cover up to 5 years. In general terms, it must:
  • describe and explain the current situation
  • specify the expected results (objectives)
  • identify the resources that will be needed (including financing, time, and skills)
  • describe the actions that will need to be taken to achieve the objective(s)
  • devise a method of monitoring results and adjusting the plan where necessary

There are many formats for marketing plans and every company does it a little different, but the outline that follows is a very complete format. Using this format will produce a 30 to 40 page plan. Many companies prefer an abridged format that would yield a 10 to 20 page plan.

  • 1 Title page
  • 2 Executive Summary
  • 3 Current Situation - Macroenvironment
    • economy
    • government
    • legal
    • technology
    • ecological
    • sociocultural
    • supply chain
  • 4 Current Situation - Market Analysis
  • 5 Current Situation - Consumer Analysis
    • nature of the buying decision
    • participants
    • demographics
    • psychographics
    • buyer motivation and expectations
    • loyalty segments
  • 6 Current Situation - Internal
    • company resources
      • financial
      • people
      • time
      • skills
    • objectives
      • mission statement and vision statement
      • corporate objectives
      • financial objective
      • marketing objectives
      • long term objectives
    • corporate culture
  • 7 Summary of Situation Analysis
  • 8 Marketing research
    • information requirements
    • research methodology
    • research results
  • 9 Marketing Strategy - product
  • 10 Marketing Strategy - Price
    • pricing objectives
    • pricing method (eg.: cost plus, demand based, or competitor indexing)
    • pricing strategy (eg.: skimming, or penetration)
    • discounts and allowances
    • price elasticity and customer sensitivity
    • price zoning
    • break even analysis at various prices
  • 11 Marketing Strategy - Promotion
  • 12 Marketing Strategy - Distribution
    • geographical coverage
    • distribution channels
    • physical distribution and logistics
    • electronic distribution
  • 13 Implimentation
    • personel requirements
      • assign responsibilities
    • financial requirements
    • management information systems requirements
    • month-by-month agenda
    • monitoring results and benchmarks
    • adjustment mechanism
    • contingencies
  • 14 Financial Summary
  • 15 Appendix
    • pictures and specifications of the new product
    • results from research already completed

see also: marketing, marketing management, strategic management

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