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List of numbers

This is a list of the articles that are about numbers.

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Zero, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty.

Graham's number

Scientific American Chuquet Modified Chuquet
100 Hundred Hundred Hundred
111 One hundred and eleven
666 Six hundred and sixty six
103 Thousand Thousand Thousand
106 Million Million Million
109 Billion Thousand million[?] Milliard
1012 Trillion Billion Billion
1015 Quadrillion Thousand billion[?] Billiard[?]
1018 Quintillion Trillion Trillion
1021 Sextillion Thousand trillion[?] Trilliard[?]
1024 Septillion[?] Quadrillion Quadrillion
1027 Octillion[?] Thousand quadrillion[?] Quadrilliard[?]
1030 Nonillion[?] Quintillion Quintillion
1033 Decillion[?] Thousand quintillion[?] Quintilliard[?]
1036 Undecillion[?] Sextillion Sextillion
1039 Duodecillion[?] Thousand sextillion[?] Sextilliard[?]
1042 Tredecillion[?] Septillion[?] Septillion[?]
1045 Quattuordecillion Thousand septillion[?] Septilliard[?]
1048 Quindecillion[?] Octillion[?] Octillion[?]
1051 Sexdecillion[?] Thousand octillion[?] Octilliard[?]
1054 Septendecillion[?] Nonillion[?] Nonillion[?]
1057 Octodecillion[?] Thousand nonillion[?] Nonilliard[?]
1060 Novemdecillion[?] Decillion[?] Decillion[?]
1063 Vigintillion[?] Thousand decillion[?] Decilliard[?]
1066 Unvigintillion[?] Undecillion[?] Undecillion[?]
1069 Duovigintillion[?] Thousand undecillion[?] Undecilliard[?]
1072 Trevigintillion[?] Duodecillion[?] Duodecillion[?]
1075 Quattuorvigintillion[?] Thousand duodecillion[?] Duodecilliard[?]
1078 Quinvigintillion[?] Tredecillion[?] Tredecillion[?]
1081 Sexvigintillion[?] Thousand tredecillion[?] Tredecilliard[?]
1084 Septenvigintillion[?] Quattuordecillion Quattuordecillion
1087 Octovigintillion[?] Thousand quattuordecillion[?] Quattuordecilliard[?]
1090 Novemvigintillion[?] Quindecillion[?] Quindecillion[?]
1093 Trigintillon[?] Thousand quindecillion[?] Quindecilliard[?]
1096 Untrigintillon[?] Sexdecillion[?] Sexdecillion[?]
1099 Duotrigintillon[?] Thousand sexdecillion[?] Sexdecilliard[?]
10100 Googol Googol Googol
10102 Tretrigintillon[?] Septendecillion[?] Septendecillion[?]
10105 Quattuortrigintillion[?] Thousand septendecillion[?] Septendecilliard[?]
10108 Quintrigintillon[?] Octodecillion[?] Octodecillion[?]
10111 Sextrigintillon[?] Thousand ctodecillion[?] Octodecilliard[?]
10114 Septentrigintillion[?] Novemdecillion[?] Novemdecillion[?]
10117 Octotrigintillon[?] Thousand novemdecillion[?] Novemdecilliard[?]
10120 Novemtrigintillon[?] Vigintillion[?] Vigintillion[?]
10123 Quadragintillion[?] Thousand vigintillion[?] Vigintilliard[?]
10126 Unquadragintillion[?] Unvigintillion[?] Unvigintillion[?]
10129 Duoquadragintillion[?] Thousand unvigintillion[?] Vigintilliard[?]
10132 Trequadragintillon[?] Duovigintillion[?] Duovigintillion[?]
10135 Quattuorquadragintillion[?] Thousand duovigintillion[?] Duovigintilliard[?]
10138 Quinquadragintillion[?] Trevigintillion[?] Trevigintillion[?]
10141 Sexquadragintillion[?] Thousand trevigintillion[?] Trevigintilliard[?]
10144 Septenquadragintillion[?] Quattuorvigintillion[?] Quattuorvigintillion[?]
10147 Octoquadragintillion[?] Thousand quattuorvigintillion[?] Quattuorvigintilliard[?]
10150 Novemquadragintillion[?] Quinvigintillion[?] Quinvigintillion[?]
10153 Quinquagintillion[?] Thousand quinvigintillion[?] Quinvigintilliard[?]
10156 Unquinquagintillion[?] Sexvigintillion[?] Sexvigintillion[?]
10159 Duoquinquagintillion[?] Thousand sexvigintillion[?] Sexvigintilliard[?]
10162 Trequinquagintillion[?] Septenvigintillion[?] Septenvigintillion[?]
10165 Quattuorquinquagintillion[?] Thousand septenvigintillion[?] Septenvigintilliard[?]
10168 Quinquinquagintillion[?] Octovigintillion[?] Octovigintillion[?]
10171 Sexquinquagintillion[?] Thousand octovigintillion[?] Octovigintilliard[?]
10174 Septenquinquagintillion[?] Novemvigintillion[?] Novemvigintillion[?]
10177 Octoquinquagintillion[?] Thousand novemvigintillion[?] Novemvigintilliard[?]
10180 Duoquinquagintillion[?] Thousand sexvigintillion[?] Sexvigintilliard[?]
1010100 Googolplex Googolplex Googolplex
10101034 Skewes' number (gesundheit) Skewes' number (gesundheit) Skewes' number (gesundheit)

Other rational numbers

Irrational numbers

  • e = 2.71828...
  • pi = 3.14159...

Transfinite numbers

<math>\infty</math> Infinity
<math>\aleph_0</math> Aleph-null[?]
<math>\aleph_1</math> Aleph-one[?]

See also: Number, Number names, English language numerals

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