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Justin Weaver

Justin Weaver (born August 17, 1978) is an active American composer with interests in linguistics, philosophy, art and writing. Weaver studied with Jeremy Haladyna and William Kraft at the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB). With academic background in both linguistics and music, Weaver's output includes much choral[?] music and his writing often reflects on semantics and word play. Weaver's contribution to linguistic research was discovering why the English verb “drink” sometimes means “drink alcohol” and sometimes simply means "drink anything".

Weaver's compositions include three large-scale works for wind ensemble[?], two piano sonatas, two string quartets, a piano concerto, a chamber symphony, a Mass on Seven Notes, numerous vocal settings, including Eight Haiku and other solo compositions. His very early works are in a direct tonal style, while the music of his late teens adapted strict integral serial compositional techniques to organic, chord-based textures. His most recent works explore minimalism in choral and instrumental music, as well as alternative tuning systems, including just intonation.

Weaver has also cultivated the art of improvisation in avant-jazz and art music styles. He produced a multi-volume set of improvised piano sonatas in a variety of styles. Weaver also frequently collaborates with other artists, writers, choreographers and composers in multimedia installations. He directed the film short 6 FT MAN, with cinematography by composer/technician Mark-David Hosale.

A strict vegan, pacifist and non-traditional communist, Weaver has advocated for an end to the commoditization of music and art (see free art). Weaver refuses payment for anything related to his artistic expression and publishes and distributes his music and recordings at no charge.

Weaver is a member of the anti-psychiatry movement and has argued that the mental health industry exists to prop up the capitalist state through mind control. Weaver has also authored a novel, Vintage Pimp, which he distributes at no cost.

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