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French and Indian Wars

The French and Indian Wars were a succession of wars fought in North America between the forces on one side of Great Britain, its colonies and Indian allies and, on the other, those of France, its colonies and Indian allies. The expanding French and British colonies were contending for control of the western or interior territories. Whenever the European countries went to war, there were actions within and by these colonies. The North American wars, and their associated with European wars, in this sequence, are:

Year of Conclusion American Name European Name Treaty
1698 King William's War The War of the Grand Alliance

War of the League of Augsburg

Treaty of Ryswick
1713 Queen Anne's War The War of the Spanish Succession Treaty of Utrecht (1713)
1748 King George's War The War of the Austrian Succession Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle
1763 The French and Indian War The Seven Years' War Treaty of Paris (1763)

As the wars proceeded the advantage moved inexorably towards the British side. This was largely a reflection of the greater population and and productive capacity of the British colonies compared with those of France. The French were able to offset this by more effective mobilisation[?] of Native American allies, but were ultimately overwhelmed.

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