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Finno-Karelian SSR

The Finno-Karelian Soviet Socialist Republic(Finno-Karelian S.S.R) was a republic of the Soviet Union that existed between 1940 and 1956.

Finno-Karelian SSR
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Chairman of the Supreme Council[?]Otto Kuusinen[?]
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History Main article: History of Finno-Karelian SSR[?]

The attack by the Soviet Union on Finland and the ensuing Winter War ended less successful than what the Soviet side had expected. The preparations for setting up a communist controlled administration for Finland would also have been in vain if it wasn't for the separation of the the Karelian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, from the Russian SFSR[?]. The Finno-Karelian Soviet Socialist Republic, which was set up on March 31, 1940 was to serve as a remainder for the Finns that the Soviet Union hadn't renounced their claims. In the ensuing Continuation War, the territory was occupied by Finland more or less from July 1941 until September 1944, and in following peace Finland was able to defend its independence. On July 16, 1956 into the Russian SFSR as the Finno-Karelian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.

Politics Main article: Politics of Finno-Karelian SSR[?]

The chairman of the Finno-Karelian Supreme Soviet, (1940-1956) was Finnish communist Otto Kuusinen[?]. In Finland, which had suffered hard from the civil war in the 1920s between white and red (socialist), Kuusinen came to be seen as a traitor also by the socialist side. In the republic there was also a separate Finno-Karelian Communist Party[?] (FKCP) led in the 1940s by G. N. Kuprianov. The Army of Karelia also had Finnish commanding officers such as Axel Erik Heinrichs, Karl Lennart Ösch, Harald Uhquist, and Paavo J. Talvela.

Geography Main article: Geography of Finno-Karelian SSR[?]

Economy Main article: Economy of Finno-Karelian SSR[?]

Demographics Main article: Demographics of Finno-Karelian SSR[?]

Culture Main article: Culture of Finno-Karelian SSR[?]

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